Heavy Uber Alles? WTF, man?

When I decided to do this blog, I pretty much knew how I wanted to do it (what I didn’t know I would figure out along the way), I definitely knew why I wanted to do it (see previous post), so one of the only other burning questions left was what the hell to call it??

So there I am in the kitchen, cold High Life in hand, listening to the Dead Kennedys, with more dumb names than you can shake a stick at flowing through my head. The word heavy kept popping back up, mainly because out of all the musical styles that I love (which is, well, almost all of them), heavy music is what drives me, what keeps my mind afloat in the sea of shit this world can deal out. It is what makes my heart scream when good meter of life is pegged.

Then it came on…the timeless classic….

According to www.urbandictionary.com, the definition of the German phrase “uber alles” is as follows:

uber alles: more than anything else; above everything

Perfect. DONE.

What phrase could possibly sum up my feelings for all that is heavy? Heavy music above everything? Yep. Heavy more than anything else? Exactly.

Thus, Heavy Uber Alles is born.


One Response to “Heavy Uber Alles? WTF, man?”

  1. Jon, once again you’ve proved your my metal soul mate! When I chose the name “Sacrosanct” for my metal band in the 80’s, it was because I read in an article about Joan Jett that she “thinks of Rock N Roll as sacrosanct”. It means the highest of highs, holiest of holy…which is how I thought of it, too. Music saved me and carried me through my teenage angst and beyond. Love the name of your blog and what it means to you! Carry on, brother!

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