Then & Now – Pentagram

This is what I call Then and Now. From time to time I will take a look at a band’s past, and contrast it with what they are doing now.

For the first Then and Now, we will look at the DC doom legends PENTAGRAM.


THEN, we had the title track from their 1987 return album Day of Reckoning.

This tune is just killer. Bobby Leibling’s haunting vocals, Victor Griffin’s downright heavy Sabbath-y guitar tone, Martin Swaney’s driving bass lines and (my good buddy) Stuart Rose layin down a fat, commanding drum beat.

NOW, Pentagram is back in 2011, heavier than ever. With a brand new album, Last Rites, and a U.S. tour just weeks away, Pentagram are back to remind everyone how doom is done.

Treat Me Right is the first single off of Last Rites, and man did they start with a bang. Bobby is still beltin it out strong, Victor’s guitar paying and tone has aged like a fine wine and just gotten heavier. Greg Turley’s bass gives this a swift kick in the nuts, and Tim Tomaselli hold it all together with a solid drum beat.

Pentagram returns to VA August 12 at Jaxx Nightclub in Springfield, supported by King Giant and One Slack Mind. BE THERE!


3 Responses to “Then & Now – Pentagram”

  1. See you at the show. We should ride up for it.

  2. Wow…really dig that song! Love that punchy riff over and over. Bobby sounds a lot different now than he did then! Kind of reminds me of a more literate Motorhead tune. Thanks for sharing or I never would have heard that!

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