Tuesday Six – 7/26/11

Melvins – Revolve
I am insanely late to the Melvins party, but better late than never. These stoner rock mainstays have been holdin it down for years, and deservedly so. With a sound and presence bigger than King Buzzo’s hair, this song, off of 1994’s Stoner Witch, just kicks my ass sideways.

Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane
Had a friendly debate with a friend regarding the Velvet Underground original vs. the CJ cover. I am partial to the cover, because I love the way they slowed it down, and added a beauty to it with the female vocals. And it was in Natural Born Killers.

Machine Head – Locust
Instead of trying to forge new ground, MH have picked up where they left off with The Blackening, and given us almost 8 minutes of seriously awesome metal. Can’t wait until Unto The Locust drops in September.

Social Distortion – California (Hustle & Flow)
I am loving the whole new SD album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, but this song has a killer “sun shinin’with the top-down” kind of vibe.

Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
The all-time classic from Uncle Ted, still in my head after seeing him Saturday at Ram’s Head. Original co-singer Derek St Holmes is back with The Nuge, and sounded PHENOMENAL.

Melissa Auf der Maur feat. Glenn Danzig – Father’s Grave
Haunting tune from Melissa’s solo album, this song has a wicked Southern gothic feel to it, and Glenn’s deeper voice paired with Melissa’s higher pitch plays off of each other perfectly. Take a listen…


\m/ \m/




2 Responses to “Tuesday Six – 7/26/11”

  1. Mmmm Danzig. (on a less serious note please tell me you’ve seen this – http://youtu.be/RmmDRtXXJLU)

  2. This is probably my fave Tuesday 6 so far. Funny, “Sweet Jane” came up in my playlist earlier.

    Love the “wicked Southern gothic feel” description of “Father’s Grave.” That made me listen and I dig it.

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