Tuesday Six – 8/2/11

King Giant

1. King Giant – Appomattox
The new single from King Giant proves they haven’t lost a step. Taken a few forward, as a matter of fact. The first single from the album, Appomattox, instantly shines and shows that these southern metallers have only improved upon the storytelling that was so intricate on the previous release, Southern Darkness. The upcoming album, Dismal Hollow, is definitely not one to be missed. Check out a video for the making of Dismal Hollow here. (The song at the beginning of the video is Appomattox)

2. Chickenfoot – Big Foot
The Hagar/Anthony/Satriani/Smith supergroup is back, with a somewhat subdued sound with a funky groove to it. Definitely one of those “top-down, sunny day” kinda tunes. Cool riff from Satch right off the bat keeps the song going, and there’s no mistaking Mike’s killer harmonies. Looking forward to this album! Big Foot is on iTunes and streaming free at http://www.chickenfoot.us/.

3. Rob Zombie – Pussy Liquor
Awesomely swanky, sleazy song from the House of 1,000 Corpses soundtrack, this is an ode Baby and the fucked-up but oh so lovable Firefly clan. “Gimme a B! Gimme an A! Gimme a B! Gimme a Y! What’s that spell?” “Baby?” “You damn right.” If you’ve never heard it, do it now. If you have, hear it again, dammit.

4. Misfits – Attitude
Classic punk at its rawest. Glenn and the crew back in the glory days, forever putting the Crimson Ghost skull in our minds and Lodi, New Jersey on the punk map. Bow down.

5. Misfits – Don’t Open Til Doomsday
Yeah, some consider it blasphemous. “It’s not REALLY the Misfits.” I don’t give a fuck. It’s good. A more tightly produced, supercharged version of the Misfits, the songs off of American Psycho don’t try to duplicate the Danzig-era days, they make it stand on its own. Really wish the lineup of Michale Graves, Doyle, Only and Dr Chud would reform for a tour. Hear it and judge for yourself.

6. Hank III – P.F.F.
Inspired by a friend giving me an ink-pen tattoo of PFF on my knuckles, P.F.F. (Punch, Fight, Fuck) starts out “This song is written and dedicated to GG Allin!” In PFF he revels in sin, and is damn proud of it. Carving a niche with his own brand of cowpunk, Hank blazes a path of destruction through country music, happily leaving the Keith Urbans and Rascal Flatts of the world burning in his wake. Get your III on here.


2 Responses to “Tuesday Six – 8/2/11”

  1. I’m strongly in the “it’s not the Misfits camp”. My issue isn’t whether or not the music is good, only that Doyle was a fool to think the Misfits were the Misfits when Glenn was gone. Call it something else and stop trying to milk the name for $

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