Tuesday Six – 8/30/11 – RSD III

In high school, the was one dude who towered over the rest, who seemed intimidating, but was one of the coolest, most honest guys you could ever hope to meet. His name was Robert Darby.

I knew Rob and his sister Carole throughout high school, and was saddened to learn that Rob passed away in December of 2006. Tonight, Carole gave me a cd-r, and told me “This was a mix we made in memory of Robert. He loved every song on this cd, and we played it at his memorial service. You must listen to it all the way through.” After swearing on my left nut that I would, I did just that on the way home.

For this week’s Tuesday Six, I have Selected 6 of the 17 songs on the “RSDIII” cd. Hope you enjoy.

Rest in peace, Robert.

1. Fu Manchu – Evil Eye

2. Judas Priest – Freewheel Burning

3. Kiss – Shock Me (live)

4. Clutch – Immortal

5. Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss

6. Soggy Bottom Boys- I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow


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