Top Ten – Anthrax

It was a happy week for metal fans everywhere. Worship Music, the new album from Anthrax was released on Tuesday, and then Anthrax destroyed Yankee Stadium with Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica at the Big 4 Concert.

Anthrax has been one of my favorite metal bands since 1987, and Worship Music does not disappoint! To celebrate the first Anthrax album with Joey singing in, well, a HELL of a long time, I give you my Top Ten Anthrax songs (I will stick to just Joey songs on this list).

Keep an eye out here for a full review of Worship Music real soon!

10. Among The Living

The one that started it all for me. Always one of my favorite metal albums, I had never heard anything like it before, and the fact that it was about The Stand by Stephen King was just awesome.

9. A.I.R.

From, Spreading the Disease, this song (Adolescence In Red) about heading off on your own path in life has it all: ighty vocals, brutal riffs, and blazing solos.

8. Skeleton in the Closet

Great tune off of Among the Living, another one inspired by a Stephen King story (Apt Pupil).

7. In My World

Easily my favorite track off of Persistence of Time. Good memories of this tour with Iron Maiden 🙂

6. Be All, End All

State of Euphoria saw Anthrax go in a slightly more serious direction in their song content, focusing more on real life issues rather than horror stories and comic books.

5. Lone Justice

Their tale of gunslinging from the Spreading the Disease album, killer vocal work from Joey on this one.

4. Now It’s Dark

The subject matter of Anthrax songs has always interested me, and when they did a song about Frank Booth from the David Lynch movie Blue Velvet, you just couldn’t help but sing along, channel your inner Dennis Hopper and yell “DON’T YOU FUCKIN LOOK AT ME!”

3. A.D.I/Horror Of It All

A.D.I. (Arab Douchebag Intro) starts it off with a moving acoustic intro, then moves itno a brutal tale of the horror of dealing with death and loss.

2. Caught in a Mosh

An ode to the insanity of the pit, one of the best mosh songs ever. Truly one of the most recognizable bass lines in all of metal, and one of Anthrax’s trademark classics.

1. I Am The Law

Always number one on my Anthrax list. Being a huge comic book and Judge Dredd fan, this song always blew me away. You could tell from the writing that they truly knew their shit and loved the comic, and was the perfect tribute to the chisel-chinned lawman. DROKK IT!

There it is – hope you dig it. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment and gimme your 2 cents.

Get Worship Music today, and look for my review soon!



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