Friday Five – 10/7/11



Ok, so I admit to being a complete fucking slacker and not posting much lately. It will pick up, I promise. Enjoy the Friday 5 and have a killer weekend. More soon.


1. Mastodon – Black Tongue

I’m gonna semi-steal this one from Carrie. Mastodon have a new album out called The Hunter, and it kicks all sorts of ass. Black Tongue is the first song off of the album, and it completely smokes. Get this one now.

2. The Muggs – Never Know Why

These rockers from Detroit are not nationally famous, and there is just no good reason for it. Insanely talented, bluesy rock with a fuzzy 70s stoner lean to it, The Muggs are a band that really should be in your playlist.

3. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Persimmon Song


Reverend Peyton’s unique blend of blues, country, and roots are just outta sight. The Rev plays with such passion, and if you you don’t at least tap your foot to his tunes, then you have no soul whatsoever.

4. Lamb of God – The Faded Line

An absolutely brutal tune from Richmond’s finest, brought on by a furious bout of air guitar while getting ready to go out last weekend (I rock). Off the Ashes of the Wake album (my favorite by LoG), this song shows the sheer power, intensity, technicality and precision that Lamb of God is best know for. Really looking forward to new material from these guys.

5. Danzig – Girl

Off of what I consider the best Danzig album (Danzig II-Lucifuge), Girl is a simple but heavy song about, well, a girl. A number of Danzig’s songs had a dark, sexy edge to them, and this one is no exception. Reminding me of and dedicated to someone out there.




4 Responses to “Friday Five – 10/7/11”

  1. W. Stuart Rose Grampzilla Says:

    Write more, slackzilla!!!

  2. Great list, as always. I am loving The Muggs.

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