Tuesday Six – Brütal Edition – 10/25/11

There’s nothing like a piss-poor day at work to put a fucking metal fire in your veins. I am feelin’ the heavy today, the the Brütal Edition of Tuesday Six!

1. Amon Amarth – War of the Gods

The vikings from Sweden released Surtur Rising in 2011, and it did not disappoint. Playing the album in its entirety on the tour, the Norse Gods have not let up one bit. Don’t miss this one, and be sure to catch them next time they rape and pillage your town!

2. Testament – 3 Days of Darkness

This insanely heavy song, about the apocalyptic end of the world in 2012, is off of 1999’s The GatheringThe Gathering is hands-down Testament’s heaviest effort, mainly due to guitarist Eric Peterson taking over son writing duties. With the legendary Dave Lombardo on drums, guitar wizard James Murphy on guitar, and Chuck Billy’s vocals reaching new depths of destruction, this album quickly became my favorite Testament album, and this song is my favorite track off of it.

3. Hatebreed – This Is Now

The kings of hardcore-metal, Hatebreed hits you in the face and doesn’t let up. Singer Jamey Jasta is one part motivational speaker, one part drill instructor, and the lyrics, while angry as hell, are actually motivational, inspiring you through the music to overcome. (Hit this link for the live version…extra brütal!)

“How can I change tomorrow if I can’t change today.
I must control myself if I’m to control my destiny.”

4. Throwdown – Americana

Killer heavy track form their Venom and Tears album, these Pantera-inspired metal behemoths throw it down (haha) in a bare-bones, no-bullshit kinda way.

speaking of Behemoths…

5. Behemoth – Ov Fire and the Void

Behemoth’s brand of blackened death metal is just the right mix of brutality and precision, a full-on rapid-fire assault on the senses. To complete the picture, their videos are quite amazing, reflecting the dark, disturbing visions of the songs accompanying them. Cheers to frontman Nergal for his recovery from leukemia!

6. Arch Enemy – Burning Angel

The song that got me into this band, from 2001’s  Wages of Sin. With complex riffs from ex-Carcass guitarist, and insane growls from blonde German siren Angela Gossow, this one starts with a Megadeth/Hangar 18-inspired intro, and shreds all the way through, in a heavy but melodic style,  they helped define the “Gothenburg” style of metal that emerged in the early 2000’s.


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