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Tuesday Six – 11/29/2011

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One holiday down, two to go. Unseasonably warm weather and a road trip to NC made last week a fine one. Now we are back to reality, nose to the grindstone, all the while being bombarded with constant ads and commercials reminding us to spend, spend, spend this Christmas (I swear I want that insane Target lady shot). Lucky for us, we have our old friend music to help us through the day. On to the Six…

1. Tool – Ænima

The title track from my all-time favorite Tool album, I absolutely love this one. It’s funny, Tool’s music (to me) isn’t depressing at all, I just can’t listen to it if I’m in a chipper, happy mood. The more dour my mood is, the more I love and appreciate Tool’s music. I dunno. Great song though.

2. Dirty Rotten Imbeciles – Suit and Tie Guy

Ah, some good high school memories of this one (especially friends playing this one at our school’s battle of the bands). D.R.I. was one of the early innovators of the crossover thrash genre, mixing the thrash metal sound with punk and hardcore influences, a genre kept alive today by bands like Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Gama Bomb. Classic stuff right here.

3. The Exploited – I Never Changed

Speaking of crossover thrash, Scotland’s The Exploited have their roots in straightforward stripped down punk rock, but over the years have evolved into a furious, supercharged crossover thrash band, keeping the punk element intact while adding in a brutal metal assault in their music. This one’s off of 2003’s Fuck the System.

4. Danzig – Devil’s Plaything

A great tune from my top Danzig album, Danzig II – Lucifuge. The classic Danzig lineup at its best (Danzig, John Christ, Eerie Von and Chuck Biscuits), This whole album just kills from start to finish, and I especially love this song. Dark, sexy and powerful, huge vocals and music that works perfectly together with each other. Loved it since the day it came out, always will.

5. White Zombie – Blood, Milk and Sky

A fantastic song from the Astro-Creep 2000 album, this ended the album on a slightly different note than the rest of the album, with an eerie, heavy, churning groove, and low, subtle vocals, with a slight middle-eastern flavor at times, even taking a nod from Kashmir between verses. The vid I linked works perfectly as well, with clips of classic burlesque set to the song.

6. King Giant – Desert Run

KG’s ode to the open road and life on two wheels, I had this on on the iPod while riding through Calabash, NC and the Old Man’s HD Super Glide this past weekend. Sun beaming down on my face, wind in my hair, thunderous riffs in my ears…perfect.

“Fill the tank, grab a beer, I’m on my way.”



Turkey Day Tuesday Six – 11/22/2011

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The holidays are upon us, and the horrifying onslaught of Christmas music and retail mania is looming like a tsunami, ready to crash ashore this Friday. Take a break from the stores pummeling you with Bing Crosby, Justin Beiber, and Paul McCartney singing about snow, joy and peace, and dive into this week’s Six for a dose of the heavy!

1. Skeletonwitch – Reduced to the Failure of Prayer

I saw Skeletonwitch on Sunday at Jaxx, and they pulled no punches. Belting out a furious set of blackened thrash metal, these Ohioans let loose a full-on assault, and didn’t let up once. This song is off of their latest album, Forever Abomination. Their albums get tighter and more focused with every release, and this one does not disappoint.

2. Goatwhore – Shadow of a Rising Knife

I’ll keep with the blackened thrash theme here with NOLA’s Goatwhore. Insanely heavy riffs are all over the album Carving the Eyes of God, unleashing pure intensity throughout.

3. Corrosion of Conformity – Señor Limpio

Off of the album Deliverance, this was the first album where guitarist Pepper Keenan took over on vocals and COC’s sound shifted from a pure thrash sound (they started as punk/hardcore) to a sludgier, stonier sound. A great album from start to finish (and the start of my personal favorite era of COC), this song has an awesome riff and one killer groove. The vid is from Live Volume.

4. As I Lay Dying – The Hellion/Electric Eye

I always love a good cover song, and this one doesn’t disappoint. AILD adds a serious heaviness to the Judas Priest classic, and I love that vocalist Tim Lambesis chose to mix his trademark gutteral growl with clean vocals, doing this song the justice it deserves.

5. Shooter Jennings & Heirophant – Wake Up

Typically known for his country songs, Shooter Jennings (son of country legend Waylon Jennings) goes out on a limb on the concept album Black Ribbons. Interspersed with asides from Stephen King playing a late-night DJ, the album takes place in the near future on the eve of the government taking complete control of the airwaves. Shooter’s style goes all across the map on this album, from country to rock to psychedelia, and he does it fantastically. Highly recommend this album. This song starts a little slow…wait for it.

6. Red Fang – Prehistoric Dog

Don’t you just love when you go to a show, have never heard of a band before, and they just blew you away? That’s exactly what happened when I saw Red Fang on the Metalliance tour in March at Jaxx. Completely blown away. These stoner rockers from Portland, Oregon know how to kick some serious ass, and make a funny video to boot. See them Sunday at the 930 Club opening for Mastodon!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Tuesday Six – 11/15/2011

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1. Kvelertak – Offernatt

These guys are a new discovery for me, and I am blown away. This sextet from Norway combine metal, punk and straight-up in-your-face catchy rock and roll to create a huge sound that just knocks you on your ass. Oh and the lyrics are about Norse Gods and Vikings, and they are all in Norwegian. But don’t let that deter you – these guys are full-on and mean serious business. I’ll make this a double – you GOTTA check out the song Blodtørst too. Serious riffage to be found here.

2. Foo Fighters – Bridge Burning

So I am still buzzing from a fantastic concert last Friday, when Social Distortion and Foo Fighters played at the Verizon Center in DC. This was the opening song, and also the opening song from their latest album, Wasting Light. The Foos put on one hell of a show, and Dave was beside himself to be playing at home in the biggest arena in town. He even SWORE to play at the 930 Club next time around. We are holding you to that, Dave.

3. Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells

So the old metal from my high school days has been bouncing around in my head lately, after the Anthrax concert, and reconnecting with some old high school buddies. Reminded me of one of my favorite concerts from way back, seeing Sepultura at Wilmer’s Park in 1991 on their Arise tour. Still burned into my memory to this day, and still love that album to death. This is always one of my favorite tunes from that album.

4. Black Sabbath – Hole in the Sky

What better way to celebrate the joy in my heart after last Friday’s announcement of the Black Sabbath Reunion than post one of my all-time favorite Sabbath songs? A new album produced by Rick Rubin, a world tour in 2012…I am one happy dude, that’s for sure.

5. Down – Bury Me In Smoke

This song has been played at least once every time I have gotten into the Jeep lately. Insanely heavy riff, a monstrous closer to their debut album, NOLA. Can’t wait for the new one from these guys.

6. Fu Manchu – Anodizer

A classic from the stoner rock kings off of The Action Is Go. Great tune with an awesome groove, and that super fat fuzzed-out guitar tone the Fu is so well known for. Check em out this Thursday, 11/17 at the Black Cat. They never disappoint live, and this time around they are playing the album In Search Of… in its entirety.

In Memoriam – Jesse Morris

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Photo by Cecilia Austin/Alarm Press

I have always maintained that some of the best musical talents in the works are the ones we have never heard before. For many people, such is the case with Jesse Morris. For the ones lucky enough to know or witness Jesse perform, they know they were looking at someone special.

Jesse, aka “the punk rock Johnny Cash” was a staple of the San Francisco BART stations, a well-known busker known as much for his tattooed punk appearance as he was for how golden voice and ability to sound like Johnny Cash.

Photo by fiveinchpixie

Re-imaging such artists as Black Flag or Judas Priest, but in the style of Cash endeared him to any who heard him.

Jesse at times played local bars with his band Jesse Morris and the man Cougars, but had a love of playing in the BART stations. A troubled soul, who had dealt with bipolar disorder for years, Jesse, like Johnny, dealt with his fair share of demons. I hope those demons have quieted down once and for all and that he has found peace.

Jesse had been working on a country album starting in 2008, but it never got completed. Go here to download I Wanna Take It All Back – In Memory for only $5, with all proceeds going to pay for Jesse’s memorial service. The songs are excellent, and we get to hear more of Jesse’s own voice, not just the perfect mime of Johnny Cash that he did so well. Some of the later songs on it are punk-tinged country tunes, staying true to himself in all ways.

Here’s a fantastic video of Jesse singing Folsom Prison Blues in a BART station. Damn.

Rest in peace, Jesse Morris.

*Read more about Jesse here, hereand here. You’ll be glad you did.

Please go to to download the album.

*fiveinchpixie’s photos here. Thanks for the excellent shot!

Tuesday Six – 11/8/11

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After a brutal weekend of metal, it is once again Tuesday and I am still recovering. 10 bands on Saturday, and 3 on Sunday makes for an excellent but tiring weekend. Enough jibba jabba, on to this week’s tunes!

1. Kyng – Trails in Veins

Mark my words, you will definitely be hearing more about this SoCal trio in the coming days. I can best sum them up as hard rock with a metal undercurrent. This one is from this year’s release, Trampled Sun. Huge sound, especially from a trio, killer clean vocals, just a fantastic song all around. This album is definitely going into the rotation.

2. Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Chile

Many are familiar with the classic Voodoo Child (Slight Return), but many arent as familiar with the original from Side A of Electric Ladyland. This 15 minute jam is Hendrix blues at his finest. A true legend.

3. Backwoods Payback – You Know How This Works
I got to see this stoner/fuzz/doom/awesome band this past weekend at the Heinzmann Benefit show at  Krug’s Place in Frederick,  MD. This was an all-day show, and those who didn’t come early missed out big time. These guys hail from West Chester, PA, and they did not disappoint. The opposite, actually…they kicked our ass sideways. For the 1st of 10 bands of the day to do that is no easy feat. Got to talk to to them throughout the day, and they are the real deal. Check em out if they come anywhere near you. This song is off of their fantastic Momantha album, and the vid also has the song Timegrinder from that same album.
4.  Pentagram – Vampyre Love
While we are on the subject of the Heinzmann benefit, I was treated to my (gasp) first ever Pentagram live set. Needless to say I was blown away. The whole set was spot-on and fantastically heavy. Not one of their old back in the day classics, this one is off of 1994’s Be Forewarned. A churning, sinister groove emphasizes the darkness of the subject matter. (check out a current live version from 8/11 here)
5. Death Angel – Mistress of Pain
Yes, i am obviously still buzzing from the Death Angel/Testament/Anthrax show on Sunday. These Bay Area thrashers were a favorite of mine back in high school, even though never attaining the commercial success of the Big 4 and others of the genre. They have maintained a very loyal following, and this Filipino-American band helped pave the way for more international thrash bands breaking in stateside. This is off of their debut, 1987’s The Ultra-Violence.
6. Twisted Sister – Burn in Hell
Many thanks to Lysa for singing this song on the way to the parking garage on Sunday night, cementing it in the back of my mind for 2 days now. Off of 1984’s classic Stay Hungry, this dark heavy song was a stark contrast to the playful, commercially successful “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. For shits and giggles, check out the even more evil version done by Dimmu Borgir here, and for shittier giggles, Twisted Sister’s cameo in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure performing the song here.
Til next time…STAY HEAVY! \m/

The Stage: Death Angel, Testament and Anthrax – 11.7.11

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The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD


Once news of this tour got across the interwebs, I knew there was no chance of missing this classic thrash lineup. I met up with friends, and headed one to Silver Spring. The line was already down the block in front of the club, and there was still an hour before doors opened. We ventured off to Sushi Jin, 1/2 block away for some good pre-show eats. Bellies full and ready to thrash, we step outside to see the line had grown and stretched around the corner and all the way down the block. Not a big problem til we realized how slow the door security at the Fillmore is, and Death Angel had already started playing. Once I finally got inside, and Death Angel was on their second song of the night, and the place was already thrashing and going crazy.

With a mix of old and new songs in their 7-song set, the Bay Area thrashers were more intense than some headlining acts. My personal favorite was Seemingly Endless Time from 1990’s Act III. Flawless guitar, and spot-on backing vocals. Hoping these guys do a tour of their own soon.


Up next was the mighty Testament. Playing songs from every album (except Low and Demonic), Testament ripped their way through 13 songs without missing a beat.The crowd went crazy (ok, I did too) for such classics such as Over The Wall, The New Order, and The Preacher, and throwing in 2 from The Formation of Damnation and 2 from The Gathering. 

The lineup nowadays is actually 4 of the original 5 members, the one exception being drumming mastermind Gene “The Atomic Clock” Hoglan, by far one of the best drummers in metal today.Chuck Billy commanded the crowd, all the while laying air guitar with his mic stand (ya gotta love him). Definitely a fantastic set from these long-time thrash heroes.

 To finish the night was NY thrash legends Anthrax.

Recently reunited (again) with original singer Joey Belladonna (ok, I know Neil Turbin was the first singer in Anthrax, but c’mon…Joey was the original), and a critically acclaimed new album (the fantastic Worship Music), Anthrax came out full throttle, no holds barred. Opening with new songs Earth on Hell and Fight Em Til You Can’t, they tore their way through a 15 song set that never let up. The crowd responded in kind, with one of the biggest mosh pits I have seen in quite some time. During the “WAR DANCE!” breakdown of Indians, practically the entire floor of the Fillmore was one huge pit.

Scott Ian jokingly referred to the crowd as “doing the P90X workout since they hit the stage”. Playing 5 new songs in the set, no Anthrax show would be complete without playing the classics from their penultimate classic, Among The Living – Caught in a Mosh, Among the Living, N.F.L., Indians, and the ode to futuristic lawman Judge Dredd, I Am The Law (my personal Anthrax favorite). The songs from Worship Music were very well recieved, but the classic Anthrax tunes are what really got the crowd worked up. During the encore, the even went further back in the catalog, playing Metal Thrashing Mad and Madhouse. Before the night was through, Joey went up behind drummer Charlie Benante and they brought extra toms out. Scott Ian announces “this one is for Andreas” and they tear into a blistering version of Sepultura’s Refuse/Resist, much to the crowd (and this guy’s) delight. (note: Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser filled in for Scott Ian at some European festivals this year while Scott’s baby was born, thus the dedication to Andreas).Anthrax was definitely on their A game, with Joey sounding amazing, the same frenetic energy from Scott Ian and Frank Bello, killer guitar riffage from guitarist Rob Caggiano, and of course the machine gun timing of drummer Charlie Benante. After closing the show with I Am The Law, the crowd was just completely spent, and in most of the faces I saw nothing but tired smiles all around.

All 3 bands definitely proved that while their classic material has stood the test of time, their new music is far from a cheap throwback, it is a huge step forward for the future of thrash metal, which they proved tonight is definitely alive and well.