Tuesday Six – 11/8/11

After a brutal weekend of metal, it is once again Tuesday and I am still recovering. 10 bands on Saturday, and 3 on Sunday makes for an excellent but tiring weekend. Enough jibba jabba, on to this week’s tunes!

1. Kyng – Trails in Veins

Mark my words, you will definitely be hearing more about this SoCal trio in the coming days. I can best sum them up as hard rock with a metal undercurrent. This one is from this year’s release, Trampled Sun. Huge sound, especially from a trio, killer clean vocals, just a fantastic song all around. This album is definitely going into the rotation.

2. Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Chile

Many are familiar with the classic Voodoo Child (Slight Return), but many arent as familiar with the original from Side A of Electric Ladyland. This 15 minute jam is Hendrix blues at his finest. A true legend.

3. Backwoods Payback – You Know How This Works
I got to see this stoner/fuzz/doom/awesome band this past weekend at the Heinzmann Benefit show at  Krug’s Place in Frederick,  MD. This was an all-day show, and those who didn’t come early missed out big time. These guys hail from West Chester, PA, and they did not disappoint. The opposite, actually…they kicked our ass sideways. For the 1st of 10 bands of the day to do that is no easy feat. Got to talk to to them throughout the day, and they are the real deal. Check em out if they come anywhere near you. This song is off of their fantastic Momantha album, and the vid also has the song Timegrinder from that same album.
4.  Pentagram – Vampyre Love
While we are on the subject of the Heinzmann benefit, I was treated to my (gasp) first ever Pentagram live set. Needless to say I was blown away. The whole set was spot-on and fantastically heavy. Not one of their old back in the day classics, this one is off of 1994’s Be Forewarned. A churning, sinister groove emphasizes the darkness of the subject matter. (check out a current live version from 8/11 here)
5. Death Angel – Mistress of Pain
Yes, i am obviously still buzzing from the Death Angel/Testament/Anthrax show on Sunday. These Bay Area thrashers were a favorite of mine back in high school, even though never attaining the commercial success of the Big 4 and others of the genre. They have maintained a very loyal following, and this Filipino-American band helped pave the way for more international thrash bands breaking in stateside. This is off of their debut, 1987’s The Ultra-Violence.
6. Twisted Sister – Burn in Hell
Many thanks to Lysa for singing this song on the way to the parking garage on Sunday night, cementing it in the back of my mind for 2 days now. Off of 1984’s classic Stay Hungry, this dark heavy song was a stark contrast to the playful, commercially successful “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. For shits and giggles, check out the even more evil version done by Dimmu Borgir here, and for shittier giggles, Twisted Sister’s cameo in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure performing the song here.
Til next time…STAY HEAVY! \m/

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