Tuesday Six – 11/15/2011

1. Kvelertak – Offernatt

These guys are a new discovery for me, and I am blown away. This sextet from Norway combine metal, punk and straight-up in-your-face catchy rock and roll to create a huge sound that just knocks you on your ass. Oh and the lyrics are about Norse Gods and Vikings, and they are all in Norwegian. But don’t let that deter you – these guys are full-on and mean serious business. I’ll make this a double – you GOTTA check out the song Blodtørst too. Serious riffage to be found here.

2. Foo Fighters – Bridge Burning

So I am still buzzing from a fantastic concert last Friday, when Social Distortion and Foo Fighters played at the Verizon Center in DC. This was the opening song, and also the opening song from their latest album, Wasting Light. The Foos put on one hell of a show, and Dave was beside himself to be playing at home in the biggest arena in town. He even SWORE to play at the 930 Club next time around. We are holding you to that, Dave.

3. Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells

So the old metal from my high school days has been bouncing around in my head lately, after the Anthrax concert, and reconnecting with some old high school buddies. Reminded me of one of my favorite concerts from way back, seeing Sepultura at Wilmer’s Park in 1991 on their Arise tour. Still burned into my memory to this day, and still love that album to death. This is always one of my favorite tunes from that album.

4. Black Sabbath – Hole in the Sky

What better way to celebrate the joy in my heart after last Friday’s announcement of the Black Sabbath Reunion than post one of my all-time favorite Sabbath songs? A new album produced by Rick Rubin, a world tour in 2012…I am one happy dude, that’s for sure.

5. Down – Bury Me In Smoke

This song has been played at least once every time I have gotten into the Jeep lately. Insanely heavy riff, a monstrous closer to their debut album, NOLA. Can’t wait for the new one from these guys.

6. Fu Manchu – Anodizer

A classic from the stoner rock kings off of The Action Is Go. Great tune with an awesome groove, and that super fat fuzzed-out guitar tone the Fu is so well known for. Check em out this Thursday, 11/17 at the Black Cat. They never disappoint live, and this time around they are playing the album In Search Of… in its entirety.


2 Responses to “Tuesday Six – 11/15/2011”

  1. I was at the show at Wilmer’s Park back on 7/1/1991. Sick of It All, Sacred Reich, Napalm Death and Sepultura. That was one of the best shows I ever saw. Shame that Wilmer’s Park fell to pieces, that was a cool venue.

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