Tuesday Six – 12/06/11

Metal Chris of DCHeavyMetal.com

Heavy Uber Alles has decided to occasionally let guests pick songs for the weekly Tuesday Six post and they’ve been cool enough to let me, Metal Chris from DCHeavyMetal.com, be the first to do so! If you’ve ever seen DCHM before you’ll know that I focus on live music, particularly getting people off of their asses and out to more metal concerts. So with that in mind I decided to have a theme for this week’s Tuesday Six: all of the songs are by bands that have upcoming concerts in the Washington DC and Baltimore area, and all of the songs are from albums released in 2011. If you’re not in the area don’t worry, most of these bands are touring right now as well. Now, on to the songs…


Black Cobra – The Crimson Blade

Black Cobra is a band from LA but they have a sound that fits in perfect with all of those sludge bands coming out of Georgia these days. The Crimson Blade is a perfect example of the band’s power, it’s a great song that will hit you like a herd of mammoths! They are playing in Baltimore tomorrow as the opening act for Kyuss Lives! at Rams Head Live, however you can see them perform a headlining set at the Black Cat on December 15th.


Hail!Hornet – Shoot The Pigs

Hail!Hornet is a North Carolina based band that features Troy Medlin of Sourvein on vocals, Dixie Collins of Buzzov•en and Weedeater on bass and Alabama Thunderpussy guitarist Erik Larson behind the drum kit. Check out their song Shoot The Pigs, the first track off of their new sophomore album, Disperse The Curse. It takes a minute to build up but this song ends up kicking your ass. Be sure to check them out at the Black Cat on February 7th when they play after a screening of the documentary film Slow Southern Steel which is about metal from the American south.


Lock Up – Rage Incarnate Reborn

Lock Up is another band with members that have quite a metal pedigree. The band features Tomas Lindberg of At The Gates fame on vocals, Shane Embury from Napalm Death on bass, drumming by Nick Barker of Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Testament, Brujeria and too many more to list, and Anton Reisenegger from the Chilean band Criminal on guitar. This is the fastest song I picked this week and it is the kind of metal that will melt your face off. They were supposed to perform at Maryland Deathfest IX back in May but due to visa issues they never played. However they are touring in North America soon and you can catch them at Sonar on February 15th.


Graveyard – Buying Truth (Tack och Förlåt)

Let’s slow things down a bit after Lock Up with a great song by the Swedish rock band Graveyard. Their second album, Hisingen Blues, has caused quite a buzz in the underground scene and this song will give you an idea of why. The song’s subtitle is Swedish for Thanks And Sorry but don’t worry, the song is in English. They’ll be playing at DC9 on January 16th and it should be a great show.


Ghoul – Destructor

Ghoul is a fun band that is something of a mix between the Misfits, Gwar and the classic 80s thrash bands from the Bay Area they live in. Their songs are simple yet catchy and drenched in the fake blood of a thousand campy, horror B flicks. Destuctor is off of their latest album, Transmission Zero, which I haven’t been able to get out of my regular listening rotation since I first heard it. Ghoul will be playing on day two of this year’s Maryland Deathfest which is over Memorial Day weekend in late May.


Borracho – Concentric Circles

I wouldn’t be Metal Chris if I didn’t throw a band from DC on this list. Borracho is Spanish for a drunkard and these guys are playing some great stoner riffage you can drink like a lush to! Their song Concentric Circles is off their new album Splitting Sky and you’ll be able to catch them live on Friday the 16th of December at the Velvet Lounge for the official CD release party. As an added bonus I’ll be MCing the show and introducing the bands and generally making a drunken ass of myself, it should be a blast! Yes this is a shameless plug but these guys are a great local band and are worth your attention.


Well it’s been fun putting this post together, thanks to Heavy Uber Alles for letting me be the first guest to post a Tuesday Six. I hope you enjoyed reading it as well as listening to some kick ass tunage. And remember, you can get info on all of these upcoming concerts and tons more on DCHeavyMetal.com’s upcoming metal concerts calendar here. Stay heavy everyone!

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