Tuesday Six – 12/20/2011

Ok so I’m a day late posting this. 2 jobs, moving, Christmas…Trying to keep my head above water and this week’s Six fell victim. Fear not, it’s here. Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday. Look for a best of 2011 Tuesday Six next week!

1. Graveyard – Rss

Graveyard, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, is a powerful mix of retro-stoner rock and blues, with a little psychedlic fun thrown in. One listen and you would swear it’s the late 60’s/early 70’s all over again. Hisengen Blues came out in March, and is a great listen from start to finish. Don’t miss them on 1/16/2012 at DC9, with Radio Moscow and Dave Davies opening.

2. Clutch – What Would A Wookiee Do?

I’ve been kind of on a Clutch kick this past week, but listening to lesser known albums like Jam Room and Pitchfork & Lost Needles, which this one came from. Great song with that trademark Clutch groove, this was an outtake from the Robot Hive/Exodus recording session.

3. Sepultura – Desperate Cry

Off of 1991’s Arise album, This was Sepultura truly coming into their own, adding more of a tight thrash sound mixed with the heavier death metal style, but still before fully integrating the tribal sound of Brazil into their music. I look back fondly on this album, recounting seeing them at Wilmer’s Park in Brandywine, MD with Sick of it All, Napalm Death and Sacred Reich opening. Fantastic show, and an awesome metal memory.

4. Dropkick Murphys – Going Out In Style

While I tend to prefer the older Dropkick Murphys stuff, they still make some damn good music. They have shied away from their celtic punk roots opting for more of a celtic rock n roll style. This is the title track off their last album, and it’s just a fun song. And besides, the video has Bobby Orr in it which propels it to the next level of awesome.


5. Metallica – Phantom Lord/Jump in the Fire

Love em or hate em, Metallica has always been one of my favorite metal bands of all time. The friction over the years between them and former member/Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine has been well documented. In the beginning of December, Metallica played 4 nights at The Fillmore in San Francisco for their 30th Anniversary concert, and had a bevy of special guests: Ozzy, Geezer Butler, Glenn Danzig, Jason Newsted, Rob Halford, King Diamond, Jerry Cantrell, on and on. But the most special was Dave Mustaine joining them for 2 classics that he co-wrote with Metallica on Kill Em All. Consider the hatchet buried. This was just special.

*Bonus video

This is Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo (one of my favorite bassists) paying tribute to the late great Cliff Burton at one of the anniversary shows with Cliff’s classic solo “Anesthesia – Pulling Teeth”


6. Lemmy, Billy Gibbons and Dave Grohl – Run Run Rudolph

I figured I had to leave you with one Christmas song, and I figured I’d make it a cool one. Lemmy, Billy and Dave do a kickass job on the Chuck Berry classic. You can actually see video of the recording of this on the Lemmy documentary.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc etc etc. Have a fun, safe, rockin holiday from Heavy Uber Alles!


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