Tuesday Six – 1/17/2012


 Another week gone by, and time for another Six. The year of Armageddon is in full swing, the temperatures are plummeting, and many resolutions are being joyously broken. This year is gonna be a fantastic one for heavy music, and it all begins in January.

1. King Giant – Appomattox

I know I may be going a little KG crazy as of late, but what can I say…these guys aren’t one of my favorite bands for no reason. KG rocks, pure and simple. Intricate storytelling, insanely heavy riffs, I just can’t say enough good about these guys. They have released Appomattox as the first single from Dismal Hollow, and you can feel the ghosts of Appalachia floating out of your speakers as you listen. The video was just released, and it will blow you away. Look for yours truly in the zombie horde at the end of the video. (Yes, that was my horn. Toot.)

2. Koffin Kats – The Way of the Road

The first single from the new album Our Way & The Highway, this one diverts slightly from their traditional psychobilly sound in favor of a harder, supercharged rock sound, with Vic Victor’s unmistakable voice and the slap of the double bass to keep things Koffin Kat familiar.

3. In Flames – Swim

Once upon a time I loved the band In Flames. I was sort of a latecomer, getting into them with the release of 2000’s Clayman. The album blew me away, introducing me to the sound of Swedish melodic death metal, or Gothenburg Metal as it came to be known. I immediately fell in love with the older album like Whoracle, The Jester Race, Colony, and Lunar Strain. Unfortunately, the love affair was not meant to last, as Reroute to Remain and subsequent albums went away from the clean, melodic guitar sound that I came to enjoy and it all turned into a muddled mess. Anyway, Swim has always been one of my favorite tracks from Clayman. Also check out the live version from Baltimore on 1/14/2012 that our pals at DCheavymetal posted here!

4. Band of Heathens – Shine a Light

One of my greatest joys in life is discovering new music, whether it’s live, through friends or on the radio. Sirius/XM has been wonderful in exposing me to new artists, and the latest one is Band of Heathens. Somehow sounding like Tom Petty meets the Grateful Dead and everything in between, these guys just make ya feel good. This song, from 2009’s One Foot in the Ether, swings along with a New Orleans, Dr. John kinda flavor.  I look forward to hearing more from these guys.

5. Johnny Cash – I Got Stripes

This past weekend, I was babysitting my young nephews, age 3 and 5. I was sitting on the couch with Joey, the 5 year old, flipping channels, and a documentary about Johnny Cash’s infamous concert, Live at Folsom Prison came on. He just started getting bored hearing a story from an inmate that was at the show, when the song I Got Stripes came on. I start singing along, and he suddenly was smiling, dancing his feet back and forth with the beat as Johnny sang of the woes of prison life. Proud uncle moment indeed when a 5 year old appreciates Cash.

6. Metallica – Just A Bullet Away

Metallica, not interested in slowing down at all after releasing Death Magnetic, doing multiple world tours, Big 4 tours, special shows for their 30th anniversary and more, have released an EP of songs from the Death Magnetic recording sessions, new stuff to tide us over until the release of the new album being recorded. This is my favorite of the new stuff, a powerful new song centered around a killer tight riff.


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