Tuesday Six – 1/24/2012

Thought I’d forgot, huh? It’s literally the 11th hour, but still Tuesday. Mourning a Bruins loss with an iced tea and The Devils Rejects, all we need now is some good music to bring back the good vibes. Enough jibba jabba, on to the Six…

1. Joe Buck – Devil is on his Way

Gotta thank my buddy Floyd from King Giant for turning me on the amazing insanity that is Joe Buck. It’s amazing what one man with a guitar and a bass drum can do, unleashing more raw energy than many whole bands. The former Legendary Shack Shaker has a one of a kind punkabilly style that just rocks. I will not rest until I see him live.

2. Type O Negative – Dead Again

On January 4th, Peter Steele would have been 50 years old. It’s been almost 2 years since his passing, but I can never get tired of the dark heaviness of Type O Negative. The deep unmistakable bass of his voice, the contrasting higher-pitched Chris Cornell-ish singing of guitarist Kenny Hickey, and a twisted sense of humor in many of their songs continue to garner them new fans long after their premature end.

3. Hermano – Brother Bjork
After the disbanding of Kyuss, John Garcia had a number of musical projects, including Slo Burn and Unida. In 1998, Garcia hooked up with Kentucky rocker David Angstrom (formerly of Supa Fuzz, a KY college favorite of mine) to form Hermano. Stoner rock with more of a hard rock edge to it, these guys were very underrated (kinda like Kyuss), but should have been bigger (again, like Kyuss).

4. AC/DC – Have A Drink On Me
Watching AC/DC live last weekend with some friends led to a long discussion about AC/DC. I will still maintain that they are one of the best hard rock bands to ever walk the planet Earth. Off of the legendary Back in Black, not much needs to be said. Just raise your glass to rock and roll.

5. Aerosmith – Chip Away The Stone
While we’re on the subject of legendary rock bands, you have to bring up Aerosmith. I’m not talking about the National Anthem singing, American Idol judging, DOn’t Wanna Miss A Thing Aerosmith, I’m talking about the wild, crazy, drug-abusing, KILLER rock and roll making Aerosmith of yesteryear. 1978’s Chip Away… is one of my all-time favorites of theirs, just a great example of the bluesy rock they made famous.

6. The Allman Brothers – Midnight Rider
I didn’t have a 6th song picked out yet. Had a few in mind, until I sat down to type this Six and The Devil’s Rejects came on. After the grisly opening shootout, the opening credits roll, and this amazing classic comes on. I have loved this song since I was a young lad, always taken in by its hauntingly dark yet peaceful tone. Not gonna let em catch the Midnight Rider. Best Allmans song ever.


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