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Tuesday Six – 2/28/11

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Monster Magnet – Snake Dance

Awesome song from Monster Magnet’s first album, Spine of God. I didn’t get into MM until the Dopes to Infinity album, then a friend made me a tape (haha) of Spine of God and Superjudge, and I was totally hooked. I was already a fan of the stoner rock genre, but MM has always had a slightly more hard psychedelic edge to them. Still making great music to this day.


Gojira – Vacuity

I’m not terribly familiar with a lot of their work (although I admittedly need to be), a friend shared this song with me, and it just blew me away. Ranging from churning, painful heavyness one minute to machine gun ferocity the next, Gojira cover a broad base of metal styles in just one song. The video is very powerful as well, beautifully shot and somewhat heart-wrenching.


Rush – Working Man

I’ve had this song stuck in my head all morning. Always loved this tune, from their 1974 debut album with original drummer John Rutsey. As epic as the rest of the Rush catalog is, I like the more straighforward, Sabbathy classic rock sound of this one.


Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be

Off of 1986’s metal masterpiece Master of Puppets, this is a seriously heavy H.P. ovecraft-inspired tune based on the infamous short story, The Call of Cthulhu. A dark, chilling story, and Metallica captured it perfectly. Had to post a clip of them playing it live with Cliff back in the day. Check out this clip too, from 2001 at their 30th anniversary show. Still sounds awesome.


Iced Earth – Jack

From 2001’s Horror Show, a (kind of) concept album where all the songs were based on horror film, literature, and as in this song, real-life (Jack the Ripper). This was the album that got me into Iced Earth, and I have always loved it. When I had a chance to meet and talk with IE founder Jon Schaffer, he told me he wished the album never existed (due to the horrible experience with bassist Steve DiGiorgio). We discussed, and agreed to disagree. I still love this album, still one of my favorites by Iced Earth next to Something Wicked.


Black Sabbath – Hole in the Sky

So yeah, there’s all kinds of chaos surrounding the Black Sabbath reunion. The shafting of Bill Ward, Tony Iommi’s cancer, Sharon Osbourne, well, being Sharon Osbourne, but none of that can change the hard fact that Black Sabbath will always be the godfathers of heavy metal, one of the greatest ever. My love for them has not waned one bit, and this song is one of my greatest examples. Truly amazing. Hail Sabbath.


Fat Tuesday Six, Mardi Gras Style – 2/21/2012

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What better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than downing some cold ones and bringing you six of New Orleans heaviest? NOLA may be well know for its southern jazz and bounce style music, but there’s some damn righteous heaviness coming from the south. Chuck some beads and check out the Six, NOLA style.


1. Down – On March The Saints

Down, arguably one of the best metal supergroups around, pay tribute to their beloved New Orleans bouncing back after Hurricane Katrina, with the uplifting On March The Saints. The song happened to fit in well that year, when the Saints won the Super Bowl. There are some really amazing songs from Down that I could have picked, but this one out of all of them just shows their love of New Orleans.


2. Crowbar – Cemetery Angels

A crushing track from 2011’s Sever the Wicked Hand, Kirk Windstein riffs are just as brutal as his beard. Awesome track from a great album.


3. Goatwhore – Collapse in Eternal Worth

From 2012’s Blood for the Master, this song is insanely heavy, with huge, machine-precise guitars, and overflowing with evil, these guys just get better with every album, and are well worth seeing live.


4. EYEHATEGOD – Dixie Whiskey

I love this one from the founding fathers of southern sludge metal. Never been too enthralled with the vocals of Mike Williams, but as a whole dig a lot of what they do. Awesome low tone on pretty much everything, defining the downtuned, thick sludge metal sound.


5. Acid Bath – Venus Blue

Before hitting the indie scene with his acoustic guitar, Dax Riggs was the frontman for Louisiana’s Acid Bath. AB was a curious mix of styles, blending doom, goth, grunge, sludge and metal into a pot, mixing it well, and releasing music that was painful, heartfelt, and directly from the soul. Almost a southern Type O Negative if you will. Very good, and heavy in many ways, musically and emotionally, and Venus Blue is a great example of that.


6. New Orleans Funeral Dirge

Jazz music hold a long tradition in the culture of New Orleans. Again, looking at heavy in different ways here, the funeral dirge heard at funerals in New Orleans is one of the heaviest, mournful pieces of music I have ever heard. You would swear the instruments were weeping as much as the family for loved ones lost. It is one of the most beautiful sendoffs I have ever heard for when someone has passed, and made even more beautiful as the ceremony goes on. After the dirge, once the loved one is laid to rest, the tone of the music turns upbeat and jovial, a full-blown celebration of the life of the deceased. (click here to see a great example of later in a NOLA Jazz funeral). If that ain’t heavy, I don’t know what is.

Tuesday Six – Scott O’Dowd – 2/14/2012

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Our guest Tuesday Six this week comes from Scott O’Dowd, guitarist of Massachusetts stoner rock bands Black Thai and Cortez. I had the pleasure of meeting Scott when Black Thai came to DC in 2011, playing the Velvet Lounge with local rockers El Grande and Borracho. Black Thai definitely made an impression on me that night, and I am looking forward to them returning to DC. (Give a listen to their debut EP Blood From on High here) I just heard Cortez for the first time recently, and I am liking what I am hearing! (Check out some tunes from their 2009 demo here) On to Scott’s Six!

“Okay here goes…I decided to go with a Boston-centric list. Some of these songs may be a little on the obscure end of things for folks who live outside of the Northeast.”

1. Mallet Head – One Good Reason from the album Yeah Yeah Yeah (1990)

This band was formed by members of the punk band Gang Green. Rocking in the AC/DC vein.

2. The Titanics – Stayin’ On The Right Side Of Satan from the self titled album (1990)

The quality of the video is a bit low but it was the only one I could find. Some of these guys went on to form the Upper Crust

3. Bullet Lavolta – Dead Wrong (live in Germany) originally from the Bullet Lavolta EP (1988)

Bullet Lavolta was a cool mix of punk, rock and metal before such genre mixing was commonplace. This is a great live version of their classic song “Dead Wrong”.

4. The Bags – Joy Ride from the album Rock Starve (1987)

The Bags always sort of struck me as a punk rock Kiss song-wise. Awesome live band with a pretty great sense of humor to boot.

5. Straw Dogs – Under the Hammer from the album We Are Not Amused (1986)

Three quarters of legendary hardcore band The F.U.’s doing their take on Metal. The drummer on this recording was nicknamed Bones and he was only 16 at the time of recording. He passed away shortly before the album was released. An absolutely overlooked 80’s thrash album.

6. Milligram – My Own Private Altamont, from the album This Is Class War (2002)

Killer sludge from former members of Only Living Witness, Roadsaw, Stompbox, Slapshot and a few others. They remain on of my favorite Boston bands to this day.

Thanks to Scott for taking the time and sharing his Six!

Check out Black Thai and Cortez on the web, and don’t miss em if they come to your town!

Tuesday Six – 2/7/2012

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Orange Goblin – Red Tide Rising
The stoner metallers from the UK are back, and in a big way. It’s been 5 years since 2007’s Healing Through Fire came out, and the wait was well worth it. A Eulogy for the Damned comes out in America on February 14th, and what I have heard so far is out of this world. A lot of southern-tinged, heavy song you can fire up your bike and ride to. Red Tide Rising is the first single from the album, heavily inspired by the tales of H.P. Lovecraft.


Foxy Shazam – Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll
Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Foxy Shazam is…well, I don’t know what they are. A dash of Billy Squier, a heavy dose of Queen, a horn section and a hell of a lot of rock, these guys have a pretty unique sound, and from what I hear they are fantastic live. They are touring with The Darkness now, and are definitely a band to keep your eye on.


Anthrax – I’m Alive
Thinking about Anthrax today, as they are playing at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore tonight with Testament and Death Angel (see my review for the previous show at the Fillmore here). I, sadly, will not be going, having to work at the 930 Club at the George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic show (which is pretty awesome in itself) While this definitely isn’t Among the Living Part 2, Worship Music is one hell of a solid album, with all 5 members in top form. Hailed by many as one of the top metal albums of 2011, Worship Music is well worth getting if you haven’t, and I’m Alive is a great track to start with.


Aerosmith – Draw the Line
Got myself on an old Aerosmith kick this week. Listened the hell out of some of the old stuff like Draw the Line, Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, and the self-titled debut album. I listen to the hits they have had in recent years, and just can’t help but wonder, “WHAT HAPPENED?” I know sobriety and age can do a lot to people and the music they create, but you just can’t compare songs like Draw the Line, Walkin’ the Dog, Mama Kin, Uncle Salty, etc etc to songs like Crazy, Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, Pink, etc etc. I never wish people to get back on drugs, but DAMN. That was some classic music, and I miss it.


Tesla – Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)
Tesla unfortunately always get lumped in with the pretty, polished, dolled up glam metal bands of the 80s, but the truth is, they just weren’t. Tesla was always blues-based, straight-forward southern-tinged rock and roll, and I have always had a special place in my heart for these guys, especially after seeing them live in 10th grade. Of course, like many others, they reached great success on the back of a love song called, well, Love Song, but they were a far cry from the Poisons, Slaughters, and Warrants that dominated the 80s.


Motorhead – Get Back In Line
Off of 2010’s The World is Yours, Get Back in Line is a great song about becoming “sheeple”, accepting the status quo as the best it will get. Motorhead haven’t changed their style in 30 years, why should they start now? Fun song off of a winner of an album. Rumor has it that they will be announced as the addition band on the main stage for this year’s Mayhem Festival summer tour. Stay tuned…


Iced Earth Ticket Giveaway

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Florida’s Iced Earth is back in a big way. The new album, Dystopia, is recieving high marks all over the place, especially focusing on new singer Stu Block (formerly of Into Eternity). Iced Earth has hit the road on a headlining tour for Dystopia, with the mighty Warbringer opening up. The tour hits the 930 Club in DC on Tuesday, March 13th, and you can enter to win a pair of tickets to the show right here!

All you have to do is leave a comment below, and the randomly selected winner will get 2 tickets to the show. The winner will be chosen at noon on Monday, February 13th. Leave a comment and enter now!

Review: Sepultura – Kairos

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This review is a fairly strange one for me. I do realize that Kairos came out 7 months ago, so it’s not exactly timely. I accept that. The thing is, I have been a Sepultura fan since 1989, when I first heard Beneath the Remains. Songs like Inner Self and Mass Hypnosis grabbed me instantly, and wouldn’t let go…until 1996.

In 1996, while touring for the Roots album, Max Cavalera left Sepultura amid huge internal strife within the band, following the firing of their manager (Max’s wife Gloria) and the murder of his stepson Dana. Shortly thereafter, Max returned with Soulfly (a band I instantly loved and have ever since), and Sepultura continued on with Cleveland, Ohio singer Derrick Green. Sepultura…without Max? Inconceivable. I heard one verse of the song “Choke” from Against, the first album with Derrick singing, and I was done. Never even gave it a chance. It Wasn’t Sepultura without Max, and that was that.

So here I sit years later, and six Sepultura albums, seven Soulfly albums (Enslaved comes out in March 2012), and two Cavalera Conspiracy albums later. I finally wonder if I am over being childish and will give Sepultura a chance to stand on its own, without Max and Igor Cavalera. So I give their latest release, Kairos, a good listen or two.

The first thing I notice on the album is the constant through every Sepultura album, and that is Andreas Kisser’s tight, machine-gun riffs prevalent in every song.

The mix could have used more bass, in my opinion.You feel the rumble underneath, but the bass sound is just not as pronounced as it could have (should have) been. Derrick Green’s vocals and presence are the real highlight here. With a higher-pitched wail than Max, he stands on his own as Derrick, not “Derrick as Max”.

Some of the stronger tracks on Kairos are Mask (my favorite off the album), Born Strong, and the bonus track Point of No Return. The covers of Ministry’s Just One Fix (pretty solid cover) and Prodigy’s Firestarter (slightly different heavier spin on the song) are interesting inclusions on the album.

Overall, Kairos is a pretty solid effort, and has given me the inspiration to check out earlier Derrick Green-era Sepultura. I will never be able to compare it to the Max-era Sepultura (that music is too ingrained on my heart to like this version of Sepultura more), but judged on its own, not in comparison, it is definitely metal worth listening to.