Tuesday Six – 2/7/2012

Orange Goblin – Red Tide Rising
The stoner metallers from the UK are back, and in a big way. It’s been 5 years since 2007’s Healing Through Fire came out, and the wait was well worth it. A Eulogy for the Damned comes out in America on February 14th, and what I have heard so far is out of this world. A lot of southern-tinged, heavy song you can fire up your bike and ride to. Red Tide Rising is the first single from the album, heavily inspired by the tales of H.P. Lovecraft.


Foxy Shazam – Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll
Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Foxy Shazam is…well, I don’t know what they are. A dash of Billy Squier, a heavy dose of Queen, a horn section and a hell of a lot of rock, these guys have a pretty unique sound, and from what I hear they are fantastic live. They are touring with The Darkness now, and are definitely a band to keep your eye on.


Anthrax – I’m Alive
Thinking about Anthrax today, as they are playing at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore tonight with Testament and Death Angel (see my review for the previous show at the Fillmore here). I, sadly, will not be going, having to work at the 930 Club at the George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic show (which is pretty awesome in itself) While this definitely isn’t Among the Living Part 2, Worship Music is one hell of a solid album, with all 5 members in top form. Hailed by many as one of the top metal albums of 2011, Worship Music is well worth getting if you haven’t, and I’m Alive is a great track to start with.


Aerosmith – Draw the Line
Got myself on an old Aerosmith kick this week. Listened the hell out of some of the old stuff like Draw the Line, Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, and the self-titled debut album. I listen to the hits they have had in recent years, and just can’t help but wonder, “WHAT HAPPENED?” I know sobriety and age can do a lot to people and the music they create, but you just can’t compare songs like Draw the Line, Walkin’ the Dog, Mama Kin, Uncle Salty, etc etc to songs like Crazy, Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, Pink, etc etc. I never wish people to get back on drugs, but DAMN. That was some classic music, and I miss it.


Tesla – Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)
Tesla unfortunately always get lumped in with the pretty, polished, dolled up glam metal bands of the 80s, but the truth is, they just weren’t. Tesla was always blues-based, straight-forward southern-tinged rock and roll, and I have always had a special place in my heart for these guys, especially after seeing them live in 10th grade. Of course, like many others, they reached great success on the back of a love song called, well, Love Song, but they were a far cry from the Poisons, Slaughters, and Warrants that dominated the 80s.


Motorhead – Get Back In Line
Off of 2010’s The World is Yours, Get Back in Line is a great song about becoming “sheeple”, accepting the status quo as the best it will get. Motorhead haven’t changed their style in 30 years, why should they start now? Fun song off of a winner of an album. Rumor has it that they will be announced as the addition band on the main stage for this year’s Mayhem Festival summer tour. Stay tuned…



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