Tuesday Six – Scott O’Dowd – 2/14/2012

Our guest Tuesday Six this week comes from Scott O’Dowd, guitarist of Massachusetts stoner rock bands Black Thai and Cortez. I had the pleasure of meeting Scott when Black Thai came to DC in 2011, playing the Velvet Lounge with local rockers El Grande and Borracho. Black Thai definitely made an impression on me that night, and I am looking forward to them returning to DC. (Give a listen to their debut EP Blood From on High here) I just heard Cortez for the first time recently, and I am liking what I am hearing! (Check out some tunes from their 2009 demo here) On to Scott’s Six!

“Okay here goes…I decided to go with a Boston-centric list. Some of these songs may be a little on the obscure end of things for folks who live outside of the Northeast.”

1. Mallet Head – One Good Reason from the album Yeah Yeah Yeah (1990)

This band was formed by members of the punk band Gang Green. Rocking in the AC/DC vein.

2. The Titanics – Stayin’ On The Right Side Of Satan from the self titled album (1990)

The quality of the video is a bit low but it was the only one I could find. Some of these guys went on to form the Upper Crust

3. Bullet Lavolta – Dead Wrong (live in Germany) originally from the Bullet Lavolta EP (1988)

Bullet Lavolta was a cool mix of punk, rock and metal before such genre mixing was commonplace. This is a great live version of their classic song “Dead Wrong”.

4. The Bags – Joy Ride from the album Rock Starve (1987)

The Bags always sort of struck me as a punk rock Kiss song-wise. Awesome live band with a pretty great sense of humor to boot.

5. Straw Dogs – Under the Hammer from the album We Are Not Amused (1986)

Three quarters of legendary hardcore band The F.U.’s doing their take on Metal. The drummer on this recording was nicknamed Bones and he was only 16 at the time of recording. He passed away shortly before the album was released. An absolutely overlooked 80’s thrash album.

6. Milligram – My Own Private Altamont, from the album This Is Class War (2002)

Killer sludge from former members of Only Living Witness, Roadsaw, Stompbox, Slapshot and a few others. They remain on of my favorite Boston bands to this day.

Thanks to Scott for taking the time and sharing his Six!

Check out Black Thai and Cortez on the web, and don’t miss em if they come to your town!




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