Fat Tuesday Six, Mardi Gras Style – 2/21/2012

What better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than downing some cold ones and bringing you six of New Orleans heaviest? NOLA may be well know for its southern jazz and bounce style music, but there’s some damn righteous heaviness coming from the south. Chuck some beads and check out the Six, NOLA style.


1. Down – On March The Saints

Down, arguably one of the best metal supergroups around, pay tribute to their beloved New Orleans bouncing back after Hurricane Katrina, with the uplifting On March The Saints. The song happened to fit in well that year, when the Saints won the Super Bowl. There are some really amazing songs from Down that I could have picked, but this one out of all of them just shows their love of New Orleans.


2. Crowbar – Cemetery Angels

A crushing track from 2011’s Sever the Wicked Hand, Kirk Windstein riffs are just as brutal as his beard. Awesome track from a great album.


3. Goatwhore – Collapse in Eternal Worth

From 2012’s Blood for the Master, this song is insanely heavy, with huge, machine-precise guitars, and overflowing with evil, these guys just get better with every album, and are well worth seeing live.


4. EYEHATEGOD – Dixie Whiskey

I love this one from the founding fathers of southern sludge metal. Never been too enthralled with the vocals of Mike Williams, but as a whole dig a lot of what they do. Awesome low tone on pretty much everything, defining the downtuned, thick sludge metal sound.


5. Acid Bath – Venus Blue

Before hitting the indie scene with his acoustic guitar, Dax Riggs was the frontman for Louisiana’s Acid Bath. AB was a curious mix of styles, blending doom, goth, grunge, sludge and metal into a pot, mixing it well, and releasing music that was painful, heartfelt, and directly from the soul. Almost a southern Type O Negative if you will. Very good, and heavy in many ways, musically and emotionally, and Venus Blue is a great example of that.


6. New Orleans Funeral Dirge

Jazz music hold a long tradition in the culture of New Orleans. Again, looking at heavy in different ways here, the funeral dirge heard at funerals in New Orleans is one of the heaviest, mournful pieces of music I have ever heard. You would swear the instruments were weeping as much as the family for loved ones lost. It is one of the most beautiful sendoffs I have ever heard for when someone has passed, and made even more beautiful as the ceremony goes on. After the dirge, once the loved one is laid to rest, the tone of the music turns upbeat and jovial, a full-blown celebration of the life of the deceased. (click here to see a great example of later in a NOLA Jazz funeral). If that ain’t heavy, I don’t know what is.


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