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Tuesday Six – 3/27/2012

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Well springtime is here! The birds are chirping, the Harleys are revving, lots of heavy shows are being added to the spring and summer schedule, and yet another Tuesday is upon us. (of course, this morning for some insane reason it was 34 degrees when I woke up. WTF?) On to the Six…

1. High on Fire – Bloody Knuckles

The stoner metal titans are back! Their new album, De Vermis Mysteriis, drops on April 3rd (that’s next Tuesday, folks), and these guys have not let up one bit. Even heavier than 2010’s Snakes for the Divine, this is a concept album according to singer/guitarist Matt Pike:

“I got this idea about Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Conception: What if Jesus had a twin who died at birth to give Jesus his life? And then what if the twin became a time traveler right then? He lives his life only going forward until he finds this scroll from an ancient Chinese alchemist who derived a serum out of the black lotus—which is actually in Robert E. Howard’s ‘Conan’ stories—and then he starts traveling back in time. He can see the past through his ancestors’ eyes, but his enemies can kill him if they kill the ancestor that he’s seeing through at the time. Basically, he keeps waking up in other people’s bodies at bad times. It’s kinda like that old TV show Quantum Leap.”

Whoa. Anyway, hopefully this will be a big year for HoF, landing a slot on this year’s Mayhem Fest summer tour. There’s no videos yet, but you can stream De Vermis Mysteriis in its entirety, thanks to the good folks at NPR. Check it out here!

2. Galactic – Ash Wednesday Sunrise

I know it ain’t exactly heavy, but I absolutely love this song from their latest album, Carnivale Electricos. It starts out peaceful, something you would want to hear after a raucous Fat Tuesday celebration in the French Quarter. Then it gets downright funky, giving you a little bit of Mardi Gras hair of the dog, then back to mellow and groovy again. Had the pleasure of working the recent Galactic show at the 930 Club in DC, and they were nothing short of amazing. Corey Glover of Living Colour joined them on vocals, and he hasn’t lost a beat. You can listen to the entire set from the 930 Club show here. (thank you again NPR!)

3. Lionize – Black Cat

A friend of mine at the club turned me on to these guys recently – I know, wayyy late to the Lionize party (but better late than never, right?) Hailing from Silver Spring, MD, these guys mix styles like reggae, funk, and rock into a beautiful musical blend that gets you moving and stays in your brain for days. It doesn’t hurt that Tim Sult, the guitarist for Clutch records with these guys. I missed their show at U St Music Hall recently, but was fortunate enough to get to see them at a private party (at a Thai restaurant in Manassas…whodathunkit?) and these guys are even better live.

4. Orchid – Eastern Woman

From their 2005 debut EP, Through the Devil’s Doorway, these guys are a Black Sabbath for the 2000’s. Heavy as shit, and damn good at it.

5. Kylesa – Drop Out

One of my favorite bands to come out of the Savannah, GA stoner/sludge scene, Kylesa are a melting pot of sounds: 2 drummers, alternating vocals from singer/guitarists Phillip Cope and Laura Pleasants…hell, Phillip even plays a theremin in their live show. I love this band, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

6. Danzig – 777

Off of my favorite Danzig album, Danzig II: Lucifuge, this one starts slow, with Glenn Danzig’s soulful voice and John Christ’s acoustic, then a bluesy slide guitar takes us into the heavy part of the song. I love all Danzig’s albums, but this one, with the classic Danzig lineup (Danzig/Christ/Von/Biscuits), is when they really hit their stride and took their sound and songwriting to the next level. Plus, the cover of the album is Danzig’s hairy man-boobs, and the cd booklet folded out into an inverted cross. That’s double-evil in my book.


Tuesday Six – 3/20/2012

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Yeah, I’m a day late. I actually fell asleep when typing my Six last night. Sorry about that! This week marks the beginning of Spring, beginning my favorite time of the year. I live for warm weather – spring, summer, sunshine, moto rides, beaches, topless Jeep rides, crab feasts…man, I could go on and on. My Six this week are six songs that I love to turn up when the day is beautiful and warm. Get out there and enjoy it!

1. Kiss – She

One of my favorite songs from my favorite band of all time. The summer tour with Motley Crue was just announced today. You know where I’ll be on July 20th!

2. Ryan Bingham – The Other Side

Ryan Bingham is by far one of my favorite country artists. His raspy voice and well-crafted songs always make me think of a warm Texas day, and once spring/summer hits, I listen to him all the time. While riding the Harley, or riding in the topless Jeep, this is the perfect music to kick back, chill and enjoy the warm weather.

3. Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

Great song from an epic band. One of those “instantly recognizable riffs”. Led Zeppelin is always in heavy rotation on the warm days. Timeless.

4. King Giant – Desert Run

KG’s ode to 2 wheels on the open road is one of my favorites from Southern Darkness. A vivid picture of life on a motorcycle is painted in this song, and this one just rocks. There’s no video for this one, but you can listen to it over at King Giant’s Bandcamp page, right here.

5. Alice in Chains – I Stay Away

AIC had a bunch of great albums and songs, but my favorites will always be Jar of Flies and Sap. These 2 acoustic EPs showed a different side of the band, mellowing out but still maintaining their edge. Beautiful songs, and this one has always moved me.

6. James Gang – The Bomber

Warm weather always tends to bring out my love for classic rock. James Gang Rides Again has always been an awesome classic, and this song just rocks. From the heavy first movement to the Bolero interlude, Joe Walsh shows the different sides of James Gang and delivers a fantastic song from a classic album.

Tuesday Fourteen – 3/6/2012

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This week was my lazy week. Between being busy and a lot of other shit going on, I just decided screw it, and veg out. So this week I decided to turn the asylum over to the inmates and see what some of you jackals are listening to. I love the picks this week, and miraculously no Def Leppard was thrown my way. It’s a fuckin miracle.


Rhiannon A: Smoke Blow – Diabolical


Cos it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…or rape goats while singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Vinnie P: Dead On – Full Moon


Jon H: Iron Age – Sleeping Eye of the Watcher

Austin, TX is such a great music city — SXSW is but a few days away — and I always like tend to point my compass in that general direction when trying to find something exciting and new. Iron Age fits the bill: not too many people in these parts know about them, but this record is a crossover masterpiece. I really like this song as it’s the first track on the album and really sets the table for the auditory onslaught that is about to be unleashed.


Dave T: Koffin Kats – Splatterhouse


Matt C: Nevermore – Narcosynthesis

Really a kick ass song with alot of fast guitar work (Im a guitarist when my health is good enough to play so trust me I know fast) and a nice slow chorus.Lyrics are also awesomely written.


Christee B: Dope – Die Motherfucker Die


Carole D: Slayer – Exile


Eric L: Foxy Shazam – I Like It

This may not be “uber” Heavy, but it reminds me of a Zeppelin track with Freddie Mercury fronting the band…
It’s rock the way it was meant to be…


Laura L: Puya – Ahorake

This song is called Ahorake (Now what?) from the band Puya. I realize its not new but its one of my absolute favorite songs. They are one of the first metal bands to come from my hometown of Puerto Rico (formally called Whisker Biscuit). The reasons i love them is their energy, the rhythms are out of control and make me want to dance (rare in metal, i know) and how they seamlessly blend metal and latin and still keep it hard (giggity lol)!


Todd I: Kill Allen Wrench – Dial Satan


Matt E: The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

The Civil Wars is a group comprised of a Jon Paul White and Joy Williams on vocals with the White supplying guitar. If you like stripped down, bluesy, old-school country male & female harmonizing [a la Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, or Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash] you should enjoy this group.


Caren C: Slipknot – Heretic Anthem

This is my Fuck You song. I have no idea what “If you’re 555 then I’m 666” means, but in my head it means “If you fuck with me, you’ll get it back even harder”.


Jenna C: Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming

The music isn’t heavy, but the lyrics are. It’s ethereal, introspective… Just beautiful. Brendan’s voice just seeps in to every fiber of your being. Also, he and I share a birthday. *shy smile*


David K: Fozzy – Wormwood

At 13 minutes it’s a great tribute, of sorts, to some the epic metal songs. It also shows how serious Chris Jericho is about his transition from professional “wrestler” to “rock star.” Fozzy still catches a lot of flak but I think they hold their own.