Tuesday Fourteen – 3/6/2012


This week was my lazy week. Between being busy and a lot of other shit going on, I just decided screw it, and veg out. So this week I decided to turn the asylum over to the inmates and see what some of you jackals are listening to. I love the picks this week, and miraculously no Def Leppard was thrown my way. It’s a fuckin miracle.


Rhiannon A: Smoke Blow – Diabolical


Cos it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…or rape goats while singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Vinnie P: Dead On – Full Moon


Jon H: Iron Age – Sleeping Eye of the Watcher

Austin, TX is such a great music city — SXSW is but a few days away — and I always like tend to point my compass in that general direction when trying to find something exciting and new. Iron Age fits the bill: not too many people in these parts know about them, but this record is a crossover masterpiece. I really like this song as it’s the first track on the album and really sets the table for the auditory onslaught that is about to be unleashed.


Dave T: Koffin Kats – Splatterhouse


Matt C: Nevermore – Narcosynthesis

Really a kick ass song with alot of fast guitar work (Im a guitarist when my health is good enough to play so trust me I know fast) and a nice slow chorus.Lyrics are also awesomely written.


Christee B: Dope – Die Motherfucker Die


Carole D: Slayer – Exile


Eric L: Foxy Shazam – I Like It

This may not be “uber” Heavy, but it reminds me of a Zeppelin track with Freddie Mercury fronting the band…
It’s rock the way it was meant to be…


Laura L: Puya – Ahorake

This song is called Ahorake (Now what?) from the band Puya. I realize its not new but its one of my absolute favorite songs. They are one of the first metal bands to come from my hometown of Puerto Rico (formally called Whisker Biscuit). The reasons i love them is their energy, the rhythms are out of control and make me want to dance (rare in metal, i know) and how they seamlessly blend metal and latin and still keep it hard (giggity lol)!


Todd I: Kill Allen Wrench – Dial Satan


Matt E: The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

The Civil Wars is a group comprised of a Jon Paul White and Joy Williams on vocals with the White supplying guitar. If you like stripped down, bluesy, old-school country male & female harmonizing [a la Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, or Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash] you should enjoy this group.


Caren C: Slipknot – Heretic Anthem

This is my Fuck You song. I have no idea what “If you’re 555 then I’m 666” means, but in my head it means “If you fuck with me, you’ll get it back even harder”.


Jenna C: Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming

The music isn’t heavy, but the lyrics are. It’s ethereal, introspective… Just beautiful. Brendan’s voice just seeps in to every fiber of your being. Also, he and I share a birthday. *shy smile*


David K: Fozzy – Wormwood

At 13 minutes it’s a great tribute, of sorts, to some the epic metal songs. It also shows how serious Chris Jericho is about his transition from professional “wrestler” to “rock star.” Fozzy still catches a lot of flak but I think they hold their own.


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