Tuesday Six – 3/20/2012

Yeah, I’m a day late. I actually fell asleep when typing my Six last night. Sorry about that! This week marks the beginning of Spring, beginning my favorite time of the year. I live for warm weather – spring, summer, sunshine, moto rides, beaches, topless Jeep rides, crab feasts…man, I could go on and on. My Six this week are six songs that I love to turn up when the day is beautiful and warm. Get out there and enjoy it!

1. Kiss – She

One of my favorite songs from my favorite band of all time. The summer tour with Motley Crue was just announced today. You know where I’ll be on July 20th!

2. Ryan Bingham – The Other Side

Ryan Bingham is by far one of my favorite country artists. His raspy voice and well-crafted songs always make me think of a warm Texas day, and once spring/summer hits, I listen to him all the time. While riding the Harley, or riding in the topless Jeep, this is the perfect music to kick back, chill and enjoy the warm weather.

3. Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

Great song from an epic band. One of those “instantly recognizable riffs”. Led Zeppelin is always in heavy rotation on the warm days. Timeless.

4. King Giant – Desert Run

KG’s ode to 2 wheels on the open road is one of my favorites from Southern Darkness. A vivid picture of life on a motorcycle is painted in this song, and this one just rocks. There’s no video for this one, but you can listen to it over at King Giant’s Bandcamp page, right here.

5. Alice in Chains – I Stay Away

AIC had a bunch of great albums and songs, but my favorites will always be Jar of Flies and Sap. These 2 acoustic EPs showed a different side of the band, mellowing out but still maintaining their edge. Beautiful songs, and this one has always moved me.

6. James Gang – The Bomber

Warm weather always tends to bring out my love for classic rock. James Gang Rides Again has always been an awesome classic, and this song just rocks. From the heavy first movement to the Bolero interlude, Joe Walsh shows the different sides of James Gang and delivers a fantastic song from a classic album.


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