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Review: Orange Goblin – A Eulogy For The Damned

Posted in Review on May 17, 2012 by heavyuberalles

Sometimes, when you look at and listen to the progression of a band over the years, it can bring about emotions of sincere love or intense hatred, depending on if the band has changed their sound over the years or remained true to a certain style. Some bands, like Slayer and Motorhead rarely deviate from their formula, and the fans love and depend on that consistency. Other bands, like Metallica, have waxed and waned, evolving and searching for new directions in their music.

Every now and then, a band adjusts their sound just enough to catapult them through the invisible barrier between good and great, and that is exactly what the UK’s Orange Goblin has done on their latest album, A Eulogy for the Damned.

Earlier Orange Goblin albums had a perfect mixture of Black Sabbath heaviness mixed with a spacy, psychedelic sound. As they evolved, they got less trippy and more heavy, favoring a heavy, murky stoner metal sound. Eulogy is a varied mix of styles, from heavy stoner, to blues to deep southern rock (some of these songs have a strong Skynyrd influence to them), while still strongly holding on to the band’s identity.

The first thing that is evident is the production of this album. Crisp, clean production, and for the first time singer Ben Ward’s vocals have been clearly brought to the forefront, where on previous albums his voice seems to have gotten lost at times through the heavy fuzz of the music. With topical song that touch on horror (Red Tide Rising, The Fog), faith and self-destruction (Save Me From Myself), bikers (The Filthy and the Few), and drugs (Acid Trial), to name a few.

Red Tide Rising starts the album off with a horrifying tale of Cthulu, and was a great choice for the first single released from Eulogy. Death of Aquarius is a heavy, churning bombast that picks up steam like a downhill locomotive. One song I can’t quite put into words is the last song, the title track of the album. It starts somber, with low, clean vocals, and picks up the tempo as it goes, and ends with what can be described as an emotional, uplifting jam at the end, almost bringing to mind the moving finale of the Skynyrd classic Freebird.

The songs are well-constructed, and I can’t go without mentioning one of the stars of this album: the incredible riffs. These are by far some of the catchiest riffs that OG has ever churned out, and some of these will sink their teeth in and get stuck in your head for days.This is not an album you will get tired of quickly. Quite the opposite – you will have this one if your rotation for a while.

If Eulogy For The Damned is any indicator of what is to come in the future of Orange Goblin, then you can count on hearing a lot more about these guys in the near future.

You can stream the entire album for free (and purchase it) at Candlelight Records’ Bandcamp page here.


Tuesday Six – 5/15/2012

Posted in Tuesday Six on May 15, 2012 by heavyuberalles

1. Fear Factory – Recharger

The industrial metal titans are back, and sounding better than ever. 2010’s Mechanize saw the core of the band, singer Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cezares reunited (which caused the permanent exit of Christian Wolbers and Raymond Herrera…drama), and that album did not disappoint. Recharger, off of the forthcoming The Industrialist (out on June 5th), is a brutal return to form, harking back to the Soul of a New Machine/Demanufacture days. I can’t wait to hear the rest! Catch them at Empire in Springfield, VA on 7/26 (with support from Voivod, Cattle Decapitation, and 8 other bands). (Photo By Kevin Estrada)

2. Orange Goblin – Acid Trial

Another great track from Eulogy for the Damned. This album has stayed in my rotation since it came out, and I’m not even close to getting tired of it. This whole album is full of great riffs, and the riff at 1:52 of this song gets stuck in your head for days. OG is filming the video for this song now.

3. Ryan Bingham – Country Roads

Been listening to RB a lot lately. Thinking a lot about hitting the open road next week. Gonna hop on the Harley, pick a direction and just go, and see some of those beautiful country roads along the way.

4. Black Sabbath – Lord of This World

Absolutely timeless song, from my favorite Sabbath album. This song just has an awesome groove to it. These guys invented groove metal before there was such a thing as groove metal.

5. Three Bad Jacks – Long Black Train

I just discovered these rockabilly cats today, and these guys just rock. With a swagger that reeks of pomade and hot rods, TBJ can go from frantic rockabilly/borderline psychobilly to straight up crooning about a lost love (see Gone Gone Goodbye). Three Bad Jacks are hitting DC on June 7th, at the U Street Music Hall, and I will be at that one for sure.

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Fight Like A Brave

The Chili Peppers came to town this week, and I was very disappointed (but not overly surprised) to hear that they have abandoned much of their earlier work in favor of more recent, commercially acceptable hits (save for Higher Ground, from Mother’s Milk). Some on the internet have even taken to calling them the Luke Warm Bell Peppers. This spawned an interesting conversation with a friend at the club about bands that have abandoned their own unique style in favor of hits with commercial viability (2 bands that come to mind are Sugar Ray and Incubus). This was the song many years ago that got me into the RHCP, and I still love it today.

Tuesday Six – 5/8/2012

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Well it’s been a pretty damn fantastic week in my world. The Avengers took over the country, forever raising the bar for superhero movies (yes, I’m in comic book nerd heaven), I’ve gotten plenty of quality time on the moto lately, and got to see a living legend – Willie Nelson – at the 930. Not too shabby. In between all that, I have been listening to some pretty righteous tunes lately. Read on, true believers!

1. Arch Enemy – Silent Wars

An absolute scorcher from 2003’s Anthems of Rebellion, screamer Angela Gossow puts many metal men to shame with her demonically heavy yet still understandable vocals. Ex-Carcass guitarist Michael Amott shreds his way through this track with technical prowess, speeding up and slowing it down in just the right places. (also check out one of his other band, stoner metal group Spiritual Beggars…good stuff).

2. Fight – Nailed to the Gun

A friend and I were having a great conversation the other day, mostly reminiscing about past metal shows and great metal bands we’ve listened to over the years, and Fight came up. He’s one of the minority (like me) that also love their second album, A Small Deadly Space, which had a fairly different sound that the first album, War of Words. Nailed to the Gun was the first single released from the album, going in a heavier and more modern metal direction than Judas Priest’s classic Painkiller, their last album before the split with Rob Halford.

3. Slayer – Angel of Death

I know, I had Slayer in last week’s Six, but they were worth mentioning again this week. Once in a while, you see an internet meme that has you laughing then you realize, “Oh shit it’s true!” I posted this to my Facebook page today, and started thinking about all the times I have done the same thing:

And what better song to air drum to than the all-time classic, Angel of Death?

4. Over Kill – In Vain

These NY thrashers have been around an astounding 32 years, and haven’t slowed down a bit. This song, from 2010’s Ironbound, is rock-solid, going from speedy thrash, to mid-tempo churning metal, and back again. They just released a new album in March, The Electric Age, and they still have it after all these years. Do yourself a favor and pick it up soon, and be sure to catch them at Empire this Friday.

5. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Everybody’s Getting Paid But Me

There’s a lotta love in the music Reverend Peyton plays. From his distinctive howling vocals, to his wife Breezy’s masterful way with the washboard, and the steady beat of Aaron “Cuz” Pershinger, they take the Delta Blues, mix it in with a swagger and energy that has translated to appearances at tours and festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour and Bonaroo, and toured with bands like Clutch and Flogging Molly. The stripped-down sound leads to a raw honesty in their music, not hiding behind any computers or overdubs, and it’s a guarantee that you will be clapping your hands or stomping your feet after listening to the sermons of the good Reverend. (I’m gonna throw an extra video in here – this is a live in-store performance of the song Born Bred Corn Fed, a great example of their talent and energy)

6. Anthrax – What Doesn’t Die

The opening track from 2003’s We’ve Come For You All (their last album with singer John Bush), and a great song from (in my opinion) their best album of the Bush era. Remember the meme about air-drumming to Slayer? The same rule applies with Anthrax. Charlie Benante has always has some of the sockets drum lines in metal. Besides, it’s a zombie video, so it automatically gets points in my book.

Tuesday Six – 5/2/2012

Posted in Tuesday Six on May 1, 2012 by heavyuberalles

My music listening has been all over the place this week. I got to see a great country/rock show, followed by a pretty good metal show last week. Please bear with my randomness, and hopefully you will discover something cool.

1. Lucero – Darken My Door

The troubadours from Tennessee returned to the 930 Club last week, and man, they did not disappoint. With their mix of alt-country, Americana and straight up rock and roll, this is some of the most honest music you will ever hear. Every song is a story, and they are gritty, beautiful storytellers. They are coming back to the area on 6/22 at Rams Head Live…don’t miss em!
Also check out this great set of pictures from the 930 Club show by the awesome Erica Bruce.

2. Lucinda Williams – I Lost It

Lucinda moves me every time I hear her voice. She’s not always pitch-perfect, and her twang comes through now and then, but her soul shines through with every lyric and note. This woman has definitely been through some shit, and she has made a wonderful career out of telling us about it.

3. Death Angel – Relentless Revolution

The Bay Are Filipino-American thrashers are back, in a huge way. I have gotten to see these guys twice recently, and they sound better than ever. This scorcher is off of 2010’s Relentless Retribution album, and sounded fantastic live. I have been listening to these guys since 8th grade, and it is good to see them sounding fresh and heavy, not a boring retread of yesteryear.

4. Auroboros – Precarious

The talent in this DC area metal band is just ridiculous. Their past precedes them (they have ex-members of Baroness and Salome), but they are paving their own way in a wonderfully heavy way. I’ve had a sneak preview of some of the new tunes, and they are out of this world. They are opening for Ilsa and Zruda tomorrow, 5/2 at Casa Fiesta in DC – I hope to see you there.

5. Slayer – Silent Scream

Off of their 1988 metal masterpiece South of Heaven, this is one of my favorite tracks off of the album. Pure evil, driven by Dave Lombardo’s insane drumming, this song helped me ward off an impromptu gospel-singing session one cubicle over at work today. Mission accomplished.

6. Sepultura – Refuse/Resist

Ok, so I have finally come to terms with the fact that Sepultura has a different singer nowadays, and he ain’t too shabby (read about that here). So last Friday, I got to see them for the first time with singer Derrick Green. The stuff they have recorded with him sounded great. But they mixed old in with the new, and well…it was just kinda wrong. They played this one early in the set and I learned over to my friend Carole after it was done and said “I feel like I have just kissed an ex-girlfriend, and it just wasn’t there.” That’s the best way I could describe it. I really wanted to like it, but without Max and Igor, the old songs just lacked. I applaud their effort to play old stuff (hell, they even went back to the Schizophrenia album), but for me it just didn’t work. Make a reunion happen already.