Tuesday Six – 5/2/2012

My music listening has been all over the place this week. I got to see a great country/rock show, followed by a pretty good metal show last week. Please bear with my randomness, and hopefully you will discover something cool.

1. Lucero – Darken My Door

The troubadours from Tennessee returned to the 930 Club last week, and man, they did not disappoint. With their mix of alt-country, Americana and straight up rock and roll, this is some of the most honest music you will ever hear. Every song is a story, and they are gritty, beautiful storytellers. They are coming back to the area on 6/22 at Rams Head Live…don’t miss em!
Also check out this great set of pictures from the 930 Club show by the awesome Erica Bruce.

2. Lucinda Williams – I Lost It

Lucinda moves me every time I hear her voice. She’s not always pitch-perfect, and her twang comes through now and then, but her soul shines through with every lyric and note. This woman has definitely been through some shit, and she has made a wonderful career out of telling us about it.

3. Death Angel – Relentless Revolution

The Bay Are Filipino-American thrashers are back, in a huge way. I have gotten to see these guys twice recently, and they sound better than ever. This scorcher is off of 2010’s Relentless Retribution album, and sounded fantastic live. I have been listening to these guys since 8th grade, and it is good to see them sounding fresh and heavy, not a boring retread of yesteryear.

4. Auroboros – Precarious

The talent in this DC area metal band is just ridiculous. Their past precedes them (they have ex-members of Baroness and Salome), but they are paving their own way in a wonderfully heavy way. I’ve had a sneak preview of some of the new tunes, and they are out of this world. They are opening for Ilsa and Zruda tomorrow, 5/2 at Casa Fiesta in DC – I hope to see you there.

5. Slayer – Silent Scream

Off of their 1988 metal masterpiece South of Heaven, this is one of my favorite tracks off of the album. Pure evil, driven by Dave Lombardo’s insane drumming, this song helped me ward off an impromptu gospel-singing session one cubicle over at work today. Mission accomplished.

6. Sepultura – Refuse/Resist

Ok, so I have finally come to terms with the fact that Sepultura has a different singer nowadays, and he ain’t too shabby (read about that here). So last Friday, I got to see them for the first time with singer Derrick Green. The stuff they have recorded with him sounded great. But they mixed old in with the new, and well…it was just kinda wrong. They played this one early in the set and I learned over to my friend Carole after it was done and said “I feel like I have just kissed an ex-girlfriend, and it just wasn’t there.” That’s the best way I could describe it. I really wanted to like it, but without Max and Igor, the old songs just lacked. I applaud their effort to play old stuff (hell, they even went back to the Schizophrenia album), but for me it just didn’t work. Make a reunion happen already.


2 Responses to “Tuesday Six – 5/2/2012”

  1. When Matty & I saw CC a few years back it was basically like seeing a Sepultura reunion 😉

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