Tuesday Six – 5/8/2012

Well it’s been a pretty damn fantastic week in my world. The Avengers took over the country, forever raising the bar for superhero movies (yes, I’m in comic book nerd heaven), I’ve gotten plenty of quality time on the moto lately, and got to see a living legend – Willie Nelson – at the 930. Not too shabby. In between all that, I have been listening to some pretty righteous tunes lately. Read on, true believers!

1. Arch Enemy – Silent Wars

An absolute scorcher from 2003’s Anthems of Rebellion, screamer Angela Gossow puts many metal men to shame with her demonically heavy yet still understandable vocals. Ex-Carcass guitarist Michael Amott shreds his way through this track with technical prowess, speeding up and slowing it down in just the right places. (also check out one of his other band, stoner metal group Spiritual Beggars…good stuff).

2. Fight – Nailed to the Gun

A friend and I were having a great conversation the other day, mostly reminiscing about past metal shows and great metal bands we’ve listened to over the years, and Fight came up. He’s one of the minority (like me) that also love their second album, A Small Deadly Space, which had a fairly different sound that the first album, War of Words. Nailed to the Gun was the first single released from the album, going in a heavier and more modern metal direction than Judas Priest’s classic Painkiller, their last album before the split with Rob Halford.

3. Slayer – Angel of Death

I know, I had Slayer in last week’s Six, but they were worth mentioning again this week. Once in a while, you see an internet meme that has you laughing then you realize, “Oh shit it’s true!” I posted this to my Facebook page today, and started thinking about all the times I have done the same thing:

And what better song to air drum to than the all-time classic, Angel of Death?

4. Over Kill – In Vain

These NY thrashers have been around an astounding 32 years, and haven’t slowed down a bit. This song, from 2010’s Ironbound, is rock-solid, going from speedy thrash, to mid-tempo churning metal, and back again. They just released a new album in March, The Electric Age, and they still have it after all these years. Do yourself a favor and pick it up soon, and be sure to catch them at Empire this Friday.

5. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Everybody’s Getting Paid But Me

There’s a lotta love in the music Reverend Peyton plays. From his distinctive howling vocals, to his wife Breezy’s masterful way with the washboard, and the steady beat of Aaron “Cuz” Pershinger, they take the Delta Blues, mix it in with a swagger and energy that has translated to appearances at tours and festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour and Bonaroo, and toured with bands like Clutch and Flogging Molly. The stripped-down sound leads to a raw honesty in their music, not hiding behind any computers or overdubs, and it’s a guarantee that you will be clapping your hands or stomping your feet after listening to the sermons of the good Reverend. (I’m gonna throw an extra video in here – this is a live in-store performance of the song Born Bred Corn Fed, a great example of their talent and energy)

6. Anthrax – What Doesn’t Die

The opening track from 2003’s We’ve Come For You All (their last album with singer John Bush), and a great song from (in my opinion) their best album of the Bush era. Remember the meme about air-drumming to Slayer? The same rule applies with Anthrax. Charlie Benante has always has some of the sockets drum lines in metal. Besides, it’s a zombie video, so it automatically gets points in my book.


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    Tuesday Six – 5/8/2012 | Heavy Uber Alles

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