Tuesday Six – 5/15/2012

1. Fear Factory – Recharger

The industrial metal titans are back, and sounding better than ever. 2010’s Mechanize saw the core of the band, singer Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cezares reunited (which caused the permanent exit of Christian Wolbers and Raymond Herrera…drama), and that album did not disappoint. Recharger, off of the forthcoming The Industrialist (out on June 5th), is a brutal return to form, harking back to the Soul of a New Machine/Demanufacture days. I can’t wait to hear the rest! Catch them at Empire in Springfield, VA on 7/26 (with support from Voivod, Cattle Decapitation, and 8 other bands). (Photo By Kevin Estrada)

2. Orange Goblin – Acid Trial

Another great track from Eulogy for the Damned. This album has stayed in my rotation since it came out, and I’m not even close to getting tired of it. This whole album is full of great riffs, and the riff at 1:52 of this song gets stuck in your head for days. OG is filming the video for this song now.

3. Ryan Bingham – Country Roads

Been listening to RB a lot lately. Thinking a lot about hitting the open road next week. Gonna hop on the Harley, pick a direction and just go, and see some of those beautiful country roads along the way.

4. Black Sabbath – Lord of This World

Absolutely timeless song, from my favorite Sabbath album. This song just has an awesome groove to it. These guys invented groove metal before there was such a thing as groove metal.

5. Three Bad Jacks – Long Black Train

I just discovered these rockabilly cats today, and these guys just rock. With a swagger that reeks of pomade and hot rods, TBJ can go from frantic rockabilly/borderline psychobilly to straight up crooning about a lost love (see Gone Gone Goodbye). Three Bad Jacks are hitting DC on June 7th, at the U Street Music Hall, and I will be at that one for sure.

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Fight Like A Brave

The Chili Peppers came to town this week, and I was very disappointed (but not overly surprised) to hear that they have abandoned much of their earlier work in favor of more recent, commercially acceptable hits (save for Higher Ground, from Mother’s Milk). Some on the internet have even taken to calling them the Luke Warm Bell Peppers. This spawned an interesting conversation with a friend at the club about bands that have abandoned their own unique style in favor of hits with commercial viability (2 bands that come to mind are Sugar Ray and Incubus). This was the song many years ago that got me into the RHCP, and I still love it today.


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