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Tuesday Six – 11/27/2012

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Howdy campers! It’s me, the lazy one, finally getting this thing going again. Truth is, I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of where I’m taking this thing, mainly because while I am a metalhead at heart, that’s not all that floats my boat (as you have seen with some of my music choices). Thinking of starting anew, but that’s a conversation for another time. On to the Six!

1. Therion – Poupée de cire, poupée de son

Ok, so this was a strange one for me. I listened to the full album on a whim, and while it was somewhat bizarre, I just couldn’t stop listening. Swedish symphonic metal band Therion has recorded a whole album of French cover songs. This is the opening song of the album, a French pop/yé-yé song from 1965 by France Gall, which translated means “Doll of wax, doll of sawdust”. (hear the original here). They have taken a pop song that would be at home in a Grindhouse film, and turned it into an operatic metal masterpiece. The whole album is extremely well performed, and arranged with precision. A very unexpected musical surprise.

2. Son House – Death Letter

I originally intended to post the John Mellencamp version of this song, which I heard on Sirius/XM one day, and is fantastic (see it here). But I realized it just wouldn’t be proper. The original Son House version of this song is so…beautiful, soulful, mournful, and just blues at its finest and purest. I feel like I would be cheating you to post a cover and not the original.

3. Demiricous – Vagrant Idol

Thrashtastic goodness from Indianapolis. The video looks like a high school video class assignment, but the songs kicks some serious ass.

4. Borgo Pass – The Dogs Know Better

Another band discovery from the awesome Liquid Metal station on Sirius/XM. Killer sludge from NYC. This is a little cleaner vein of sludge, think more Down or CoC, less Sourvein or Eyehategod. Good stuff though, look out for these guys.

5. Overkill – Birth of Tension

Always one of my favorite thrash bands from back in the day, This is off of 1989’s The Years of Decay, their best album in my opinion. These guys have some serious staying power too, with their new material sounding better and better with every album. Thrilled to hear about the upcoming 2013 tour with Testament and Flotsam and Jetsam.

6. Rage Against the Machine – Township Rebellion

Hard to believe that it’s been 20 years (on 11/3) since Rage Against the Machine dropped the bomb that was their debut album on the world. With revolutionary lyrics, killer rhythms and stellar, never heard before guitar work from Tom Morello, Rage made their mark in a big way, and this album truly stands the test of time. They are re-releasing an anniversary remaster of the album on 11/27. More info and a stream here.