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Tuesday Six – 1/29/2013

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1. Clutch – Crucial Velocity

A fantastic track from their forthcoming album Earth Rocker. I had the privilege to hear the album in full today, and this one does NOT disappoint! Killer, straightforward rock and roll. The album comes out on 3/19, and if it’s 3/20 and you don’t have it yet, you should be ashamed.


2. Two Man Advantage – Zamboni Driving Maniac

What could be better than a hockey-themed punk band? Big thanks to Bobby at the Oasis in Palo Alto, CA for telling me about these guys. *Bonus video! Check out their full set from November 2012 at Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY here.


3.  The Sword – Apocryphon

One of my favorite stoner rock bands, these dudes from Texas use D&D and Game of Thrones for subject matter in their song, and use awesome words like “multiverse” and “demiurge” in their lyrics. From last year’s album of the same name, enjoy the riffage and check out this trippy lyric video that might be life-altering if watched while tripping.


4. KingSnake – Book of Promise

Got to see this badass band from Philly last weekend supporting King Giant. Rooted in the bluesy rock vein of Clutch, these guys are great in the studio, and even better live.


5. Amon Amarth – Asator

Excellent viking metal from Sweden, these metal warriors can do no wrong. I love everything they’ve done. Off of 2006’s With Oden On Our Side, this one is just brutal.


6. Volbeat – Sad Man’s Tongue

Take heavy metal, and mix in a dash of rockabilly and some Johnny Cash flavor, and you’ve got Volbeat. These guys from Denmark Have gotten better and better, and have a new album on the way in 2013 called Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies. Stoked to see these guys in Baltimore in April.


**Bonus song – Hatebreed – Dead Man Breathing

I was going to post this as #6 this week, but the video got removed by Razor & Tie Records. Heard this one on Liquid Metal today, and loved what Jamey Jasta had to say about the meaning behind the song – the fact that we live in an overmedicated society, a topic I had just been discussing with coworkers. This is off of their latest album, Divinity of Purpose. Check out the short video below (that has a snippet of the song) with Jamey talking about the song.


Tuesday Six – 1/22/2013

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Mercyful Fate – Evil

The lead track off of the 1983 classic Melissa, This is young King Diamond in fine form. I always have preferred Mercyful Fate to the solo King Diamond material. Absolutely classic, and purely evil.

The Scorpions – Speedy’s Coming 

On February 5th, I will get the opportunity to see guitar legend Uli Jon Roth, the early famed guitarist of The Scorpions, and I have been digging back into the old stuff recently. This is not the ’80s “Rock You Like a Hurricane” or ’90s “Wind of Change” Scorpions. The early days are a rawer, different feel than later Scorpions, more of a classic rock sound, yet definitely in a different vein than their American or British counterparts. In ways, this is like comparing old Aerosmith to modern Aerosmith. The big-budget production is not there, but it sounds fantastic and has the energy of a young eager band.

Ascension – Grey Light Sibling

In my effort to get more familiar with some of the bands I don’t know so well that are playing this year’s Maryland Deathfest, I started with Ascension, a black metal band from Germany. After “Open Hearts”, a brooding, gothic intro song, “Grey Light Sibling” hits the nitrous button and begins full-bore at a breakneck speed. The vocals (the members have remained unidentified) sound like the bellowing of a demon from hell, the guitar is a precise and ferocious flurry, and the drums keep a perfect hyper beat. Other tracks on the album Consolamentum don’t necessarily follow a typical blueprint of black metal, but this is good, heavy, evil metal. Definitely looking forward to seeing these guys.

Six Feet Under – Delayed Combustion Device

Brutal American death metal! Love these guys. This one is off of 2012’s Undead. The riff during the chorus is just bad ass. Got caught headbanging to this one at a stoplight by a soccer mom recently. Didn’t even give a fuck.

Acid King – The Stake

San Francisco’s Acid King has taken a cool classic rock song by Steve Miller Band and transformed it in a killer way. Huge, fuzzed out guitar and bass, a slightly slower tempo, and haunting yet seductive vocals from Lori S. make this one awesome cover. Seriously considering a road trip to NYC in February for Acid King’s only east coast appearance (2/23 at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn)

Pantera – Regular People (Conceit)

One of my favorites from one of the best metal albums ever. Love the main riff from Dime, and Phil has serious swagger in this one. “To be just like me, but you just can’t see, you ain’t got the balls, son.” The drum line is awesome – I play ridiculous air drums to this one.

Friday Find – 1/18/2013

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Another Friday is upon, time to get this weekend kicked off right! Some sludge, punk, and brutal death metal for you this week. Enjoy your weekend, people!


Ain’t it just a bitch when you knew of a band’s existence, missed their show at the Black Cat over a year ago, but just never got around to checking them out? THAT SUCKS. That is exactly what happened with Hail!Hornet. Man, do I wish I had listened to these guys sooner. A sludge “supergroup” if you will, Hail!Hornet is T-Roy Medlin (Sourvein) on vocals, “Dixie” Dave Collins (Weedeater) on bass, Vince Burke (Beaten Back to Pure) on guitar, and Erik Larson (The Might Could/ex-Alabama Thunderpussy) handling the drums. This is high-powered, supercharged stoner/sludge metal at its’ finest. T-Roy’s trademark howls and growls are the perfect way to lead the charge of the brash, chugging yet _____ riffs that make up 2011’s Disperse the Curse. Collins’ bass tone has the gutteral voice of a monster risen up form a murky swamp, and the whole band is just on point. Highlights of the album for me are “Shoot the Pigs”, “Beast of Bourbon”, “Scars”, and the slower, yet crushingly heavy 8 and a half-minute epic “Blacked Out in Broad Daylight.” If you haven’t heard Hail!Hornet yet, Check em out and get your sludge on.


Booze Riot

So, yeah, I AM gonna be that guy for a minute and post my friend’s band on here. A lot of punk nowadays has lost its’ way, but some of the best punk bands are on the local level, not playing amphitheaters on summer package tours. One great example is Maryland’s Booze Riot. They are in your face, over the top, and have a great sense of humor. Don’t miss “Macho Madness”, a brilliant punk tribute to fallen pro wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage. I need to see these guys soon before Brian punches me in the jaw.



Finishing out the heavy trifecta this week is Boston’s Revocation. With heavy-as hell riffs, brutal vocals, and songs that are cut with laser precision, these guys absolutely shred. Check out the insane drums and supreme technicality of “Maniacally Unleashed”, and the unbelievably heavy, warp-speed “Bound By Desire.” This is a band that is on my radar now, and high on my must-see-live list.

Tuesday Six – 1/15/2013

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Got a weird mix of songs and styles this week for the Six. Some flashbacks to the mid-90s, some new stuff, and a little more in there. Enjoy!

Snot – Joy Ride

In 1997, nu-metal was in full swing with bands like Limp Bizkit, Coal Chamber and Korn rising in popularity, and others like System of a Down on the horizon. In the center of it was a band that stood out, apart from the rest. Out of sunny California came Snot, mixing punk, metal and funk into a unique hybrid that was unlike the other guys. Featuring local DC metal hero Sonny Mayo on guitar (DC metalheads will surely remember Silence) and the outspoken Lynn Strait on vocals, Snot was brash, funky, and just plain fun. In 1998, Lynn Strait was killed in a car accident and Snot’s rise was cut short, but they left us with one hell of an album to remember them by. Get some.

Speedball – Long Dead Gone

Another little-known band from the mid-90s, Speedball was good ol rock and roll from Detroit. I was fortunate enough to see these guys at The Bayou (RIP) in Washington, DC back in the day and they went full-throttle and kicked all kinds of ass. Definitely falls into my “more people should have heard these guys” category.

Newsted – Soldierhead

The former bassist of Metallica has finally returned to the metal scene with a project of his own, simply called “Newsted”. This is kick ass straight-forward metal, and it’s interesting to hear Jason on lead vocals (aside from when he sang “Whiplash” live back in the day). Speaking of hearing Jason, he seems to have gotten his revenge for being non-existent on ...And Justice For All, cause his bass sounds HUGE in this. Can’t wait to hear more. For the real video, go here – I had issues embedding the vid.

Witchcraft – Deconstruction

Sweden’s doom metallers are back, and sounding better than ever. Off of 2012’s Legend, they are truly keeping that doom torch lit. Magnus Pelander’s voice is sounding better than ever, and the atmospheric mood changes of the song are a thing of hard rock beauty. 


Whitechapel – I, Dementia

I’m not typically the world’s biggest deathcore fan, but these guys are pretty brutal. Caught some of their set at Mayhemfest last year, and they were pretty good. The riffs are heavy as hell, and Phil Bozeman’s vocals add to the dementia the song is about. Definitely checking out more from these guys soon.

Tom Petty – The Waiting

A change of pace to end the Six this week. It’s no secret that I love classic rock, and I’ve liked Tom Petty since I was a kid. This one has personal significance to me this week, as I wait and wait for that one little nugget of good news that can change everything.Waiting is truly the hardest part.




Tuesday Six – 1/3/2013

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Deftones – Swerve City

I’ve always been a moderate Deftones fan, but they have really turned a corner with me since 2010’s Diamond Eyes (which was a fantastic album), and 2012’s Koi No Yokan goes even farther, with tight riffs, haunting vocals from Chino Moreno, and just another great album all around, and Swerve City is a great example of what makes this album great.

Clutch – Earth Rocker

The mighty Clutch is back, and their new tunes sound OUTTA SIGHT. They’ve been playing some new stuff on their current tour, and audiences have been loving what they are hearing. This is the title track from the new album, Earth Rocker, due out in March. Love the groove on this one.

Royal Thunder – Whispering World

I still can’t say enough good about this band. I featured them on my first Friday Find last week, and still haven’t gotten tired of this album. This one has a great groove to it, and Mlny Parsonz’ vocals go from soft to powerful to downright angry.

Orange Goblin – Acid Trial

Another band that I have been high on (pun intended) for a while now is the UK’s Orange Goblin. Eulogy for the Damned was one of my top albums of 2012. The riff at 1:50 is a great one that gets stuck in your head for a while. OG finally returns to the States this year, touring with Kyng, Lionize and Clutch – do NOT miss this one!

Opeth – Ghost of Perdition

The fine balance of melodic melodies and crushing death metal has been perfected by Mikael Åkerfeldt and company. Ghost Reveries and Blackwater Park are the 2 best from Opeth, in my opinion, and the 10 minute epic Ghost of Perdition is a stunningly beautiful yet brutal example of Opeth’s sound.

Soulfly – Plata O Plomo

I have no idea what the hell Max Cavalera and bassist Tony Campos are singing about in this song (I am pretty sure i heard something about Pablo Escobar, cocaine and Medellin in there), but this song, off of 2012’s Enslaved absolutely crushes.

Friday Find – 1/4/13

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Welcome to the first of a completely non-committal, semi-regular feature I will have on here called Friday Find. I will feature some cool music that I have found in the previous week and give you something to gnaw on over the weekend. Maybe something you’ve heard, maybe not. This week are a few bands I found while browsing around Bandcamp. Specifically, I found them under the tag “stoner rock”. Bandcamp is a great source of new music – definitely give it a look around.

Royal Thunder

To me, there is no greater feeling than when you first check out a band and for whatever reason, they just completely blow you away. This happened this week the first time I heard Royal Thunder. Their latest album, CVI is a  swooning masterpiece of psychedelic, ’70s tinged bluesy metal. Vocalis/bassist Mlny Parsonz is fantastically perfect, her smoky voice ranging from a seductive croon to a mournful or vindictive howl. The big, full sound of the music is exactly what is needed, working in unison with Parsonz. Drummer Lee Smith beats out a perfect rhythm, slow and doomy at times, other times speeding it up, the heavy double bass bellowing in at just the right moment to add to the chaos and urgency of the song. (I believe Lee Smith has since been replaced by MonstrO drummer Evan Diprima).

On “No Good”, Parsonz wails at the object of her anger, “Smooth talkin’ fiend, your slick, but I don’t don’t, I don’t like you, leave me alone!” Other songs, such as “Drown”, take the listener on a voyage of many auditory moods, from its trippy beginnings, building in a crescendo to an intense climax and back again. Mood swings like this are found throughout the album, but are woven together beautifully, never feeling disjointed or scatterbrained.

There are hints of other bands sounds on here, never enough to sound like a clone or a copy, just that hint of an influence: Janis Joplin, Ann Wilson, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, even enough shades of contemporaries such as Kylesa or Baroness. Yet Royal Thunder sounds like none of the aforementioned artists. They stand completely on their own, in a very unique way. I cannot recommend this band and CVI enough. I am utterly heartbroken that AFTER I heard this album I found out that they headlined at DC9 on 12/17, and I had missed them. Don’t make the same mistake.

Give CVI a listen below, courtesy of the band’s Bandcamp page.



The Heavy Eyes

Like a huge glob of resin left over from the ’70s, Memphis, TN’s The Heavy Eyes are keeping the retro-stoner sound alive. With massive, bluesy, fuzzed-out riffs, every song is an over-the top jam of enormous sound. Mixing the best elements of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Blue Cheer, and Black Sabbath, these guys are out of sight, and would sound superb crankin’ out of a boogie van with a Frazetta warrior airbrushed on the side. Every song has a delicious groove, with bassist Wally Anderson’s immense bass tone and vocalist/guitarist Tripp Shumake’s combination of chunky riffs and haunting, echoey vocals. Drummer Eric Garcia rounds out the package perfectly, and it all adds up to a groovy sound that is made to be played on vinyl. These guys will definitely be in my rotation regularly, and I really hope they add some live dates soon.

Check out their 2012 album Maera below!