Friday Find – 1/4/13


Welcome to the first of a completely non-committal, semi-regular feature I will have on here called Friday Find. I will feature some cool music that I have found in the previous week and give you something to gnaw on over the weekend. Maybe something you’ve heard, maybe not. This week are a few bands I found while browsing around Bandcamp. Specifically, I found them under the tag “stoner rock”. Bandcamp is a great source of new music – definitely give it a look around.

Royal Thunder

To me, there is no greater feeling than when you first check out a band and for whatever reason, they just completely blow you away. This happened this week the first time I heard Royal Thunder. Their latest album, CVI is a  swooning masterpiece of psychedelic, ’70s tinged bluesy metal. Vocalis/bassist Mlny Parsonz is fantastically perfect, her smoky voice ranging from a seductive croon to a mournful or vindictive howl. The big, full sound of the music is exactly what is needed, working in unison with Parsonz. Drummer Lee Smith beats out a perfect rhythm, slow and doomy at times, other times speeding it up, the heavy double bass bellowing in at just the right moment to add to the chaos and urgency of the song. (I believe Lee Smith has since been replaced by MonstrO drummer Evan Diprima).

On “No Good”, Parsonz wails at the object of her anger, “Smooth talkin’ fiend, your slick, but I don’t don’t, I don’t like you, leave me alone!” Other songs, such as “Drown”, take the listener on a voyage of many auditory moods, from its trippy beginnings, building in a crescendo to an intense climax and back again. Mood swings like this are found throughout the album, but are woven together beautifully, never feeling disjointed or scatterbrained.

There are hints of other bands sounds on here, never enough to sound like a clone or a copy, just that hint of an influence: Janis Joplin, Ann Wilson, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, even enough shades of contemporaries such as Kylesa or Baroness. Yet Royal Thunder sounds like none of the aforementioned artists. They stand completely on their own, in a very unique way. I cannot recommend this band and CVI enough. I am utterly heartbroken that AFTER I heard this album I found out that they headlined at DC9 on 12/17, and I had missed them. Don’t make the same mistake.

Give CVI a listen below, courtesy of the band’s Bandcamp page.



The Heavy Eyes

Like a huge glob of resin left over from the ’70s, Memphis, TN’s The Heavy Eyes are keeping the retro-stoner sound alive. With massive, bluesy, fuzzed-out riffs, every song is an over-the top jam of enormous sound. Mixing the best elements of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Blue Cheer, and Black Sabbath, these guys are out of sight, and would sound superb crankin’ out of a boogie van with a Frazetta warrior airbrushed on the side. Every song has a delicious groove, with bassist Wally Anderson’s immense bass tone and vocalist/guitarist Tripp Shumake’s combination of chunky riffs and haunting, echoey vocals. Drummer Eric Garcia rounds out the package perfectly, and it all adds up to a groovy sound that is made to be played on vinyl. These guys will definitely be in my rotation regularly, and I really hope they add some live dates soon.

Check out their 2012 album Maera below!


One Response to “Friday Find – 1/4/13”

  1. W. Stuart Rose Grampzilla Says:

    Heavy eyes…sounds intriguing.

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