Tuesday Six – 1/15/2013


Got a weird mix of songs and styles this week for the Six. Some flashbacks to the mid-90s, some new stuff, and a little more in there. Enjoy!

Snot – Joy Ride

In 1997, nu-metal was in full swing with bands like Limp Bizkit, Coal Chamber and Korn rising in popularity, and others like System of a Down on the horizon. In the center of it was a band that stood out, apart from the rest. Out of sunny California came Snot, mixing punk, metal and funk into a unique hybrid that was unlike the other guys. Featuring local DC metal hero Sonny Mayo on guitar (DC metalheads will surely remember Silence) and the outspoken Lynn Strait on vocals, Snot was brash, funky, and just plain fun. In 1998, Lynn Strait was killed in a car accident and Snot’s rise was cut short, but they left us with one hell of an album to remember them by. Get some.

Speedball – Long Dead Gone

Another little-known band from the mid-90s, Speedball was good ol rock and roll from Detroit. I was fortunate enough to see these guys at The Bayou (RIP) in Washington, DC back in the day and they went full-throttle and kicked all kinds of ass. Definitely falls into my “more people should have heard these guys” category.

Newsted – Soldierhead

The former bassist of Metallica has finally returned to the metal scene with a project of his own, simply called “Newsted”. This is kick ass straight-forward metal, and it’s interesting to hear Jason on lead vocals (aside from when he sang “Whiplash” live back in the day). Speaking of hearing Jason, he seems to have gotten his revenge for being non-existent on ...And Justice For All, cause his bass sounds HUGE in this. Can’t wait to hear more. For the real video, go here – I had issues embedding the vid.

Witchcraft – Deconstruction

Sweden’s doom metallers are back, and sounding better than ever. Off of 2012’s Legend, they are truly keeping that doom torch lit. Magnus Pelander’s voice is sounding better than ever, and the atmospheric mood changes of the song are a thing of hard rock beauty. 


Whitechapel – I, Dementia

I’m not typically the world’s biggest deathcore fan, but these guys are pretty brutal. Caught some of their set at Mayhemfest last year, and they were pretty good. The riffs are heavy as hell, and Phil Bozeman’s vocals add to the dementia the song is about. Definitely checking out more from these guys soon.

Tom Petty – The Waiting

A change of pace to end the Six this week. It’s no secret that I love classic rock, and I’ve liked Tom Petty since I was a kid. This one has personal significance to me this week, as I wait and wait for that one little nugget of good news that can change everything.Waiting is truly the hardest part.





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