Friday Find – 1/18/2013


Another Friday is upon, time to get this weekend kicked off right! Some sludge, punk, and brutal death metal for you this week. Enjoy your weekend, people!


Ain’t it just a bitch when you knew of a band’s existence, missed their show at the Black Cat over a year ago, but just never got around to checking them out? THAT SUCKS. That is exactly what happened with Hail!Hornet. Man, do I wish I had listened to these guys sooner. A sludge “supergroup” if you will, Hail!Hornet is T-Roy Medlin (Sourvein) on vocals, “Dixie” Dave Collins (Weedeater) on bass, Vince Burke (Beaten Back to Pure) on guitar, and Erik Larson (The Might Could/ex-Alabama Thunderpussy) handling the drums. This is high-powered, supercharged stoner/sludge metal at its’ finest. T-Roy’s trademark howls and growls are the perfect way to lead the charge of the brash, chugging yet _____ riffs that make up 2011’s Disperse the Curse. Collins’ bass tone has the gutteral voice of a monster risen up form a murky swamp, and the whole band is just on point. Highlights of the album for me are “Shoot the Pigs”, “Beast of Bourbon”, “Scars”, and the slower, yet crushingly heavy 8 and a half-minute epic “Blacked Out in Broad Daylight.” If you haven’t heard Hail!Hornet yet, Check em out and get your sludge on.


Booze Riot

So, yeah, I AM gonna be that guy for a minute and post my friend’s band on here. A lot of punk nowadays has lost its’ way, but some of the best punk bands are on the local level, not playing amphitheaters on summer package tours. One great example is Maryland’s Booze Riot. They are in your face, over the top, and have a great sense of humor. Don’t miss “Macho Madness”, a brilliant punk tribute to fallen pro wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage. I need to see these guys soon before Brian punches me in the jaw.



Finishing out the heavy trifecta this week is Boston’s Revocation. With heavy-as hell riffs, brutal vocals, and songs that are cut with laser precision, these guys absolutely shred. Check out the insane drums and supreme technicality of “Maniacally Unleashed”, and the unbelievably heavy, warp-speed “Bound By Desire.” This is a band that is on my radar now, and high on my must-see-live list.


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