Tuesday Six – 1/22/2013


Mercyful Fate – Evil

The lead track off of the 1983 classic Melissa, This is young King Diamond in fine form. I always have preferred Mercyful Fate to the solo King Diamond material. Absolutely classic, and purely evil.

The Scorpions – Speedy’s Coming 

On February 5th, I will get the opportunity to see guitar legend Uli Jon Roth, the early famed guitarist of The Scorpions, and I have been digging back into the old stuff recently. This is not the ’80s “Rock You Like a Hurricane” or ’90s “Wind of Change” Scorpions. The early days are a rawer, different feel than later Scorpions, more of a classic rock sound, yet definitely in a different vein than their American or British counterparts. In ways, this is like comparing old Aerosmith to modern Aerosmith. The big-budget production is not there, but it sounds fantastic and has the energy of a young eager band.

Ascension – Grey Light Sibling

In my effort to get more familiar with some of the bands I don’t know so well that are playing this year’s Maryland Deathfest, I started with Ascension, a black metal band from Germany. After “Open Hearts”, a brooding, gothic intro song, “Grey Light Sibling” hits the nitrous button and begins full-bore at a breakneck speed. The vocals (the members have remained unidentified) sound like the bellowing of a demon from hell, the guitar is a precise and ferocious flurry, and the drums keep a perfect hyper beat. Other tracks on the album Consolamentum don’t necessarily follow a typical blueprint of black metal, but this is good, heavy, evil metal. Definitely looking forward to seeing these guys.

Six Feet Under – Delayed Combustion Device

Brutal American death metal! Love these guys. This one is off of 2012’s Undead. The riff during the chorus is just bad ass. Got caught headbanging to this one at a stoplight by a soccer mom recently. Didn’t even give a fuck.

Acid King – The Stake

San Francisco’s Acid King has taken a cool classic rock song by Steve Miller Band and transformed it in a killer way. Huge, fuzzed out guitar and bass, a slightly slower tempo, and haunting yet seductive vocals from Lori S. make this one awesome cover. Seriously considering a road trip to NYC in February for Acid King’s only east coast appearance (2/23 at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn)

Pantera – Regular People (Conceit)

One of my favorites from one of the best metal albums ever. Love the main riff from Dime, and Phil has serious swagger in this one. “To be just like me, but you just can’t see, you ain’t got the balls, son.” The drum line is awesome – I play ridiculous air drums to this one.

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