Tuesday Six – 1/29/2013



1. Clutch – Crucial Velocity

A fantastic track from their forthcoming album Earth Rocker. I had the privilege to hear the album in full today, and this one does NOT disappoint! Killer, straightforward rock and roll. The album comes out on 3/19, and if it’s 3/20 and you don’t have it yet, you should be ashamed.


2. Two Man Advantage – Zamboni Driving Maniac

What could be better than a hockey-themed punk band? Big thanks to Bobby at the Oasis in Palo Alto, CA for telling me about these guys. *Bonus video! Check out their full set from November 2012 at Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY here.


3.  The Sword – Apocryphon

One of my favorite stoner rock bands, these dudes from Texas use D&D and Game of Thrones for subject matter in their song, and use awesome words like “multiverse” and “demiurge” in their lyrics. From last year’s album of the same name, enjoy the riffage and check out this trippy lyric video that might be life-altering if watched while tripping.


4. KingSnake – Book of Promise

Got to see this badass band from Philly last weekend supporting King Giant. Rooted in the bluesy rock vein of Clutch, these guys are great in the studio, and even better live.


5. Amon Amarth – Asator

Excellent viking metal from Sweden, these metal warriors can do no wrong. I love everything they’ve done. Off of 2006’s With Oden On Our Side, this one is just brutal.


6. Volbeat – Sad Man’s Tongue

Take heavy metal, and mix in a dash of rockabilly and some Johnny Cash flavor, and you’ve got Volbeat. These guys from Denmark Have gotten better and better, and have a new album on the way in 2013 called Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies. Stoked to see these guys in Baltimore in April.


**Bonus song – Hatebreed – Dead Man Breathing

I was going to post this as #6 this week, but the video got removed by Razor & Tie Records. Heard this one on Liquid Metal today, and loved what Jamey Jasta had to say about the meaning behind the song – the fact that we live in an overmedicated society, a topic I had just been discussing with coworkers. This is off of their latest album, Divinity of Purpose. Check out the short video below (that has a snippet of the song) with Jamey talking about the song.


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