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Friday Find – 3/22/2013

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A little bit of a mixed bag for this week’s Friday Find. Some great tunes, a cool video, and hell, why not throw in Guy on a Buffalo to the mix.

Jess and the Ancient Ones


I have heard a buzz about them around the stoner rock community, but hadn’t gotten to check them out. Jess and the Ancient Ones are a psychedelic rock band from Finland, and sound a lot like a heavier Jefferson Airplane brought into the 21st century. Singer Jess’ beautifully haunting vocals are sultry and hypnotizing, and the music has the right mix of retro, swanky, trippy 60’s style with a modern heaviness underneath it all. Someone need to get them on a tour with Ghost and we’d have a winner.




In my ongoing mission to listen to bands playing the 2013 Maryland Deathfest that I have never heard before, this week I bring you Vinterland. This melodic black metal band from Sweden released one album, Welcome My Last Chapter, in 1996 and disbanded. As of 2011 they are back together, and playing Deathfest this year. Some songs are not as brutally fast as many other black metal bands, they definitely emphasize the “melodic” element of their genre, with cold, sorrowful melodies and atmospheric tones complimenting the wailing vocals from D.F. Bragman. This album was recorded 17 years ago, yet would still be relevant in the metal scene if it were released today.


Danko Jones


I had heard the name Danko Jones here and there, but had never heard anything by the Canadian band. I had heard Danko’s appearance on Nashville Pussy’s song “Im So High” off of From Hell To Texas, and dug his voice. I finally got around to listening to some of his stuff this week, and MAN was I disappointed…disappointed that I hadn’t heard them sooner. I’m not a big fan of the majority of modern hard rock bands, but Danko Jones pulls it off without sounding fake or pretentious. Tight, catchy riffs, great harmonies, and good old rock and roll with a great vibe.


Biting Elbows – Bad Motherfucker

This insane video is a breakneck thrillride, a live-action mix of first-person shooters, parkour and a huge can of whoop-ass.
Biting elbows is a Russian indie rock band, who had a viral hit with their 2011 video for “The Stampede”, which employs the same style and theme in the video, including the chase for the magical vacuum tube and leads right into the video for “Bad Motherfucker”.


Tuesday Six – 3/19/2013

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Going back to basics this week. Been listening to a lot of good old 80s metal this week (ok, and 1 from 1990). Sure, there was cock rock aplenty released back then, but it was the golden years of metal, songs that would inspire and influence generations to come. Put ANY rock album of today up against Back in Black. They all fall short. Anyhoo, on to the 6!


AC/DC – Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

I said it on Facebook earlier this week, and I’ll say it again…AC/DC’s Back in Black is about as close to a perfect rock album as it gets. Never gets old, just perfect. Aging like a fine wine, never sounding dated. This album is a winner from start to finish, and one of my favorite songs on the album is what they finished with. Starting with a subdued opening riff, we hear Brian Johnson light a smoke and deliver the opening sermon…

“Cause rock and roll ain’t no riddle man, to me it makes good good sense.”



Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Know

31 years ago today, 25 year old guitar virtuoso Randy Rhoads lost his life in an infamous accident. Like a start gone supernova, Randy only recorded two studio albums with Ozzy, yet left behind a legendary legacy. Combining classical elements into heavy metal, using new and fresh playing techniques, and being a sweet guy that was always smiling set Randy apart from the rest. “I Don’t Know” was the first track off of 1980’s Blizzard of Ozz, and made a huge statement about the future of Ozzy. I have included the live version from the Tribute album to remind you just how spot-on precise Randy was, whether it was in front of an arena or in the studio. Randy influenced many guitarists over the years, and his playing still sounds fresh over 30 years later. Rest in peace, Randy.


Black Sabbath – Neon Knights

As Ozzy was beginning his second musical life, Black Sabbath began chapter two with the former Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio leading the charge. Neon Knights is definitely one of my favorite Sabbath songs from either era, solidifying Ronnie’s raised-horn place in metal history.


Judas Priest – Nightcrawler

In 1990, British metal gods Judas Priest unleashed hell. Coming off of 2 synthier (Turbo) and poppier (Ram it Down) albums, Priest released the heaviest most crushing album they had every done. Madman drummer Scott Travis took over behind the kit, and killed it like Animal from the Muppet show on crystal meth. Ferocious dual guitars and massive wailing vocals from Rob Halford put this album over the top. It may be sacrilegious to some die-hard Priest fans, but Painkiller is my favorite of em all.


Van Halen – Everybody Wants Some!!

A rocking example of the bombastic rock that made Van Halen famous, this smoking’ track off of Women and Children First demands you play air guitar and sing along. Besides, who can hear this song and not think of the amazing dancing cheeseburger?


Twisted Sister – You Can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll

One year before Twisted Sister released their smash hit Stay Hungry, Twisted Sister released one hell of an album in You Can’t Stop Rock n Roll. With great songs like “The Kids Are Back”, “I Am (I’m Me)” and the prophetic “We’re Gonna Make It”, the title track was the standout anthem of the album. Admit it, every time it comes on we sing along to the opening chords like Beavis and Butthead. “DUHH DUHH DUHH DUHH DUHHHHHHHH!!!” Ok maybe it’s just me. Whatever, this song rules.


Friday Find – 3/15/2013

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Here we are, the end of another week. Springtime is trying to break through the cold, but old man winter is tryin’ to hang on for dear life. Not long til some sunny days spent on two wheels, listening to some righteous tunes.



And what could be more righteous than some heavy stoner rock that has been thoroughly soaked in the blues? Out of Kingston, NY, this trio takes 2 genres, and makes them as right together as peanut butter and jelly. Slide guitar, harmonica, raspy vocals and heavy distortion as the perfect formula for every song on Handmade Heavy Blues. My standouts on this album are the chunky “Do It In the Road”, the slow, syrupy “Eyes Like Laserbeams”, and the funky groove of “I Just Wanna Get High With You.” This album just came out on March 2, and believe me…you will be hearing a lot more from these guys. They will be a part of The Eye of the Stoned Goat 3 in Brooklyn, NY on July 27th, which has a hell of a lineup. Now go grab a cold beer or some whiskey, kick your feet up and give this album a listen.


Jimi Hendrix – People, Hell and Angels


40 years after the guitar legend’s death, we see the release of the last lost tracks from Jimi and his Band of Gypsys. Not a lot of groundbreaking material, but it’s the bluesy rock genius that Jimi was known for. Superb drumming by the amazing Buddy Miles on most of the tracks (Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell plays on three songs) and wicked rhythm from bassist Billy Cox, this album is a true gem and gives a clearer picture of where Jimi’s head was at musically just prior to his death as the follow-up album to Electric Ladyland.


Rage Against the Machine
I have always loved seeing videos of band before they got huge. It’s always piqued my interest to see where they came from, and what they were like when they were young and hungry, before the big time. This is a video of Rage Against the Machine from March 29th, 1992 at Zed’s Records in Long Beach, CA. They began recording their self-titled hit record in April, and released it in November of that year. This is a performance from when they were on the verge of beginning their rise to fame and it is refreshing to see videos like this sometimes. THIS is why you support the local music scene, wherever you are. cause you never know when that band you saw at a DIY show at a Mexican restaurant is gonna record that legendary album next month.


Friday Find – 3/8/2013

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This week’s Friday Find is kind of all over the place. A little old, a little new. For those that haven’t read this feature before, on (most) Fridays, I like to post recent music I have discovered. Not necessarily new, but new to me. I always enjoy finding new music , and Friday Find is where I share it with you. Maybe you’ve been listening to one of these bands for years, maybe I just helped you discover something new. Either way, as long as someone out there enjoys it, my work is done. On to the Finds for this week!


Opossum Holler
First up is Opossum Holler. I got a call last week from my friend Val, who was looking for someone to help book a DC gig for them. I checked them out, and was blown away. This punkabilly band from Bowling Green, KY, fires on all cylinders, and is a must-hear band if you are anywhere remotely close to a fan of punk, punkabilly, rockabilly, psychobilly, or even billy goats.

Here is the kickass video for “Screamin’ Delta Demon”

Here is a good idea of what to expect from an Opossum Holler live show.

You can catch Opossum Holler at Velvet Lounge in DC on April 15th with JJ Damage & The Bandits and The Throckmortens.



Shroud Eater

This three-piece from Miami is only a few years old, but Shroud Eater are making waves in the stoner/doom/sludge circles. With a massive sound that surprises you when you find out there’s only three of them, the most noticable thing is that the sound is huge but clear, not drowned in a murky bog like other sludgy contemporaries. The instruments and the vocals, while having a heavy, fuzzed-out tone, are crisp and defined. Their 2011 release ThunderNoise goes through various mood swings, from roaringly heavy to introspective acoustic-laden interludes and back again, yet does so without losing the flow of the album or sounding forced. Two of the three members are woman, which seems to instantly draw comparisons to Kylesa, even though they are very different bands.

You can hear ThunderNoise here, but I STRONGLY suggest listening to the new single “Tempest” from their forthcoming EP, Dead Ends. The progression in their music is evident, as is the production. Turn up the bass and enjoy the rumble on this one!

Shroud Eater is playing Velvet Lounge in DC on April 24. Very much looking forward to this show!



Dr. Feelgood

I’ve said before how I hate discovering a band that has been around forever. I always feel like I’m the last to know. Well, it happened again with the band Dr. Feelgood. They were a ’70s British pub rock band, who had some really fantastic jams. Their guitarist, Wilko Johnson, has a year (at most) to live, suffering from pancreatic cancer. I highly encourage you to read about it here –  his outlook on life is very inspiring. What introduced me to them, through Wilko, is that Wilko plays Ilyn Payne, the silent executioner on HBO’s Game of Thrones tv series. I had no idea that he was this famous musician from an awesome ’70s band! Listen to 1975’s Down by the Jetty, and you can hear some of the British blues influence mixed with r&b and garage rock styles. This is where I tell people to “know your roots”. Bands like this back in the 70s strongly influenced the burgeoning punk scene that was about to take off. Classic stuff, indeed.

Here’s Dr. Feelgood playing their hit “Roxette” on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the UK in 1975.

Review: Clutch – Earth Rocker

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On March 19th, the 10th studio album by the formidable Clutch will hit the shelves in the US. (there really aren’t many actual “shelves” left to hit, are there? That’s a lament for another time.) While their style has morphed since their debut album in 1993, they have always remained true to themselves and stayed distinctly “Clutch”, which happens to be the most common answer given by fans when asked to describe their music.

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