Friday Find – 3/8/2013

This week’s Friday Find is kind of all over the place. A little old, a little new. For those that haven’t read this feature before, on (most) Fridays, I like to post recent music I have discovered. Not necessarily new, but new to me. I always enjoy finding new music , and Friday Find is where I share it with you. Maybe you’ve been listening to one of these bands for years, maybe I just helped you discover something new. Either way, as long as someone out there enjoys it, my work is done. On to the Finds for this week!


Opossum Holler
First up is Opossum Holler. I got a call last week from my friend Val, who was looking for someone to help book a DC gig for them. I checked them out, and was blown away. This punkabilly band from Bowling Green, KY, fires on all cylinders, and is a must-hear band if you are anywhere remotely close to a fan of punk, punkabilly, rockabilly, psychobilly, or even billy goats.

Here is the kickass video for “Screamin’ Delta Demon”

Here is a good idea of what to expect from an Opossum Holler live show.

You can catch Opossum Holler at Velvet Lounge in DC on April 15th with JJ Damage & The Bandits and The Throckmortens.



Shroud Eater

This three-piece from Miami is only a few years old, but Shroud Eater are making waves in the stoner/doom/sludge circles. With a massive sound that surprises you when you find out there’s only three of them, the most noticable thing is that the sound is huge but clear, not drowned in a murky bog like other sludgy contemporaries. The instruments and the vocals, while having a heavy, fuzzed-out tone, are crisp and defined. Their 2011 release ThunderNoise goes through various mood swings, from roaringly heavy to introspective acoustic-laden interludes and back again, yet does so without losing the flow of the album or sounding forced. Two of the three members are woman, which seems to instantly draw comparisons to Kylesa, even though they are very different bands.

You can hear ThunderNoise here, but I STRONGLY suggest listening to the new single “Tempest” from their forthcoming EP, Dead Ends. The progression in their music is evident, as is the production. Turn up the bass and enjoy the rumble on this one!

Shroud Eater is playing Velvet Lounge in DC on April 24. Very much looking forward to this show!



Dr. Feelgood

I’ve said before how I hate discovering a band that has been around forever. I always feel like I’m the last to know. Well, it happened again with the band Dr. Feelgood. They were a ’70s British pub rock band, who had some really fantastic jams. Their guitarist, Wilko Johnson, has a year (at most) to live, suffering from pancreatic cancer. I highly encourage you to read about it here –  his outlook on life is very inspiring. What introduced me to them, through Wilko, is that Wilko plays Ilyn Payne, the silent executioner on HBO’s Game of Thrones tv series. I had no idea that he was this famous musician from an awesome ’70s band! Listen to 1975’s Down by the Jetty, and you can hear some of the British blues influence mixed with r&b and garage rock styles. This is where I tell people to “know your roots”. Bands like this back in the 70s strongly influenced the burgeoning punk scene that was about to take off. Classic stuff, indeed.

Here’s Dr. Feelgood playing their hit “Roxette” on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the UK in 1975.


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