Friday Find – 3/22/2013

A little bit of a mixed bag for this week’s Friday Find. Some great tunes, a cool video, and hell, why not throw in Guy on a Buffalo to the mix.

Jess and the Ancient Ones


I have heard a buzz about them around the stoner rock community, but hadn’t gotten to check them out. Jess and the Ancient Ones are a psychedelic rock band from Finland, and sound a lot like a heavier Jefferson Airplane brought into the 21st century. Singer Jess’ beautifully haunting vocals are sultry and hypnotizing, and the music has the right mix of retro, swanky, trippy 60’s style with a modern heaviness underneath it all. Someone need to get them on a tour with Ghost and we’d have a winner.




In my ongoing mission to listen to bands playing the 2013 Maryland Deathfest that I have never heard before, this week I bring you Vinterland. This melodic black metal band from Sweden released one album, Welcome My Last Chapter, in 1996 and disbanded. As of 2011 they are back together, and playing Deathfest this year. Some songs are not as brutally fast as many other black metal bands, they definitely emphasize the “melodic” element of their genre, with cold, sorrowful melodies and atmospheric tones complimenting the wailing vocals from D.F. Bragman. This album was recorded 17 years ago, yet would still be relevant in the metal scene if it were released today.


Danko Jones


I had heard the name Danko Jones here and there, but had never heard anything by the Canadian band. I had heard Danko’s appearance on Nashville Pussy’s song “Im So High” off of From Hell To Texas, and dug his voice. I finally got around to listening to some of his stuff this week, and MAN was I disappointed…disappointed that I hadn’t heard them sooner. I’m not a big fan of the majority of modern hard rock bands, but Danko Jones pulls it off without sounding fake or pretentious. Tight, catchy riffs, great harmonies, and good old rock and roll with a great vibe.


Biting Elbows – Bad Motherfucker

This insane video is a breakneck thrillride, a live-action mix of first-person shooters, parkour and a huge can of whoop-ass.
Biting elbows is a Russian indie rock band, who had a viral hit with their 2011 video for “The Stampede”, which employs the same style and theme in the video, including the chase for the magical vacuum tube and leads right into the video for “Bad Motherfucker”.


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