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Tuesday Six – 5/14/2013

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Ghost – Elizabeth

I had to go with this one today. I got to see Ghost at the 9:30 Club last night, I am still blown away thinking about it. I could go on about the show (in fact, I will in my review for The Vinyl District, online in a couple of days), but this song in particular was amazing. Papa’s voice was spot-on, and the Nameless Ghouls sounded great. This is my favorite song from Opus Eponymous, a haunting ode to the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory. Check out a live video from the Boston show on 5/10 here.


Black Sabbath – God is Dead


Ok, so this one is really growing on me. I still have a little bitterness about the whole Bill Ward thing, but c’mon…it’s Sabbath. I found it interesting that they chose a 9-minute song for their first new single. That being said, it’s a tad long-winded and the song could probably be a good 4 minutes shorter, but it is pretty heavy, solid Sabbath. It has the vibe of Heaven & Hell/Dehumanizer-era Sabbath, and I can’t help but think that this sounds like a Ronnie song more than an Ozzy song. but I am diggin it, and looking forward to hearing the rest of the new album.


Hatriot – Weapons of Class Destruction

Steve “Zetro” Souza, former lead singer for Exodus, is back in action with a new band, Hatriot. This is old-school, in-your-face thrash metal with a newer edge to it, led by Souza’s trademark snarling voice. The band includes Souza’s sons, Cody and Nicholas, on bass and drums, respectively. This is the first single off of the album Heroes of Origin. You can stream the album in its entirety below.


Demolition Hammer – Infectious Hospital Waste

While we’re on the subject of old-school thrash metal, let’s go back to 1991. Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Demolition Hammer never hit the big time, but their music was solid. “Infectious Hospital Waste” is a crushing example of that. In a bizarre side note, drummer Vinny Daze died of globefish poisoning in Africa in 1996. Not sure if that’s a metal way to go out or not. Anyway, put on your jean vest and rock out to this thrash classic.


Strife – In This Defiance

The LA hardcore kings are back and brutal as ever. It’s a little confusing(ish), that the new single is called “In This Defiance,” which was the name of their 1997 album (that did not feature a song by the same name). Sort of odd, that would kind of be like Kiss putting a song called “Rock and Roll Over” on Dynasty. Vocalist Rick Rodney is spitting pure venom on this one, and the riffs are heavy and tight. Hit the heavybag to this song.


Twisted Sister – Destroyer

This one came on Sirius/XM Liquid Metal the other day, and I just had to crank it up. So damn heavy! One of my all-time top Twisted Sister tracks.


Tuesday Six – 4/23/2013

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Sacred Reich – The American Way

In one of the best announcements about Maryland Deathfest that could have ever happened, Exodus announced that they couldn’t do the show (which sucks, Exodus is awesome) BUT that old school thrashers Sacred Reich would be taking their place! I haven’t seen these guys in many years, and couldn’t be happier to be seeing them in a month.


Fu Manchu – Laserbl’ast

Had the chance to see Fu Manchu in a small venue last night, playing the entire album The Action Is Go. This song starts with a swanky little groove, and just gets better as it goes. Awesome band. Look for my full review of the show on The Vinyl District very soon!


Orange Goblin – Your World Will Hate This


Ok, so I know I’ve kinda been going on about Orange Goblin lately, but what can I say? I freakin love these guys. Got to interview them for TVD, and FINALLY get to see them playing in the States! They played this one from 2002’s Coup de Grace on Saturday, and I kinda went a little nuts. I love that, like tourmates Lionize and Clutch, OG changes the setlist up every night. Wish more bands did that.


Kreator – Phantom Antichrist

Nothing like some good old thrash metal to get you going! These guys have been at it since 1982, and they are sounding pretty damn good these days. This one, the title track from their 2012 album, absolutely rips.


A Pale Horse Named Death – Shallow Grave

The second post-Type O Negative project to emerge (that I know of, I could be wrong), and it’s pretty cool. Very Type-Oish, dark, gothic metal featuring former drummer Sal Abruscato on guitar and vocals, and other former Type O drummer Johnny Kelly on drums. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.


Behemoth – Lucifer

Always insanely heavy, Behemoth’s combination of brutal blackened death metal and stunning visuals make their videos captivating and frightening to watch. Sorta seems weird that they are playing the side stage in a gravel parking lot for Mayhem Fest this year. Only seems fitting to see them in a dark club if you ask me. Glad they got on the tour though – they needed to inject some serious metal on that tour.

Tuesday Six – 4/2/2013

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Havok – From the Cradle to the Grave

The thrashers from Colorado are back at it, with a new video from their 2012 EP Point of No Return. This song absolutely rips, and these guys bring the old school thrash like no other and manage to sound fresh doing it. Their live shows are killer, and they win an award for one of the best metal shirts I have seen, as they promote true moshing, not the ridiculous hardcore “dancing” that is so prevalent nowadays. NO KARATE IN THE PIT!



Borracho – Mob Gathering

DC’s stoner rock gods put on a hell of a set last week at Velvet Lounge. If you missed it, you should feel remorse and regret. If you ‘ve never seen Borracho and live in the DMV, you deserve a paddlin’. These guys are the real deal – heavy rhythms, tight riffs, and huge sound. Guitarist Steve Fisher is handily taking over more of the vocals while their singer Noah Greenberg is out-of-country for a while. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Mob Gathering EP or the Splitting Sky LP. You will not be disappointed.


Kylesa – Unspoken

Kylesa is returning, with a new album, Ultraviolet, coming out on May 28. “Unspoken” is one of two new tracks they have released in advance, and I love what I am hearing. Laura Pleasant’s haunting vocals mixed with the big, doomy guitar sound almost give you an idea of what it would sound like if the Cocteau Twins did a metal album. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.


Supervoid – Arcane Groves

These Pittsburgh riff lords opened for Borracho at Velvet Lounge last week. I had never heard them, and was pleasantly surprised. The music is heavy and atmospheric, very Kyuss-like, but the vocals go from powerful and soaring to growling and full of hate. Definitely recommend these guys. This one will take you on a journey through the desert, up into outer space and back again.


Six Feet Under – Zombie Blood Curse

The Walking Dead finished up season 3 this week (in an underwhelming season finale, in my opinion), but the death metal giants from Tampa, FL keep the infection alive with this brutal track from their newest album, Unborn. With precise, brutal riffs, and Chris Barnes’ trademark gutteral grunts, this is a little more thrash metal and a little less death metal, but still awesome.


Phil Anselmo and the Illegals – Conflict

As amazing as Down is, it’s good to hear Phil bringin’ the heavy again. Fast, heavy, and just downright angry and aggressive, this is Phil unleashed, and it’s good to have him back. This song is from a split album with Warbeast on Anselmo’s Housecore records, and I hope we see a small venue tour from these guys. This one will make you start a pit in your car your living room, or even at the bank. turn it up.